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Media report on magazine

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Supporting Account Knowledge and Understanding of magazines The use of connotations comes under the key concepts of media language. This is very important because images are used as signs to add meaning. For example, an image of a football player means it has something to do with football. Images of "make-up" could have something to do with fashion magazines, these are known as connotations. Also, the actual language used is very important which helps along with choosing your audience. Formal writing is used for the older generation and informal writing or slang is used for teenagers as they are so familiar with slang meaning it is more appealing to that audience. Even slanting writing is more informal and more appealing to teenagers. Denotations and connotations are also very help. Denotations are what there are and connotation is what there might be, almost like suspense. Key concepts are very important and should be used in magazines for many reasons. For example one major key concept is the "audience". This is very important for magazines as they need to know who they are trying to sell their product to. If they know who their audience is then the contents in the magazine will be suitable for that certain audience. Also, if you know your audience from the start, colours and images will help you to represent it for example: if the magazine was for females, the colour used would most likely be pink or red as these are mainly colours aimed at the female audience. ...read more.


We are not actually aiming to produce a full magazine but the main features of it which would be: a front cover, contents page, an article and a back cover. We decided to make our target audience the general public as this magazine bases itself on a subject that anybody can benefit from. Also, the age group is also any because anybody can benefit from exercise and fitness as it can help with things like diabetes, obesity, etc. on the magazine, there will be an image of different sports equipment showing people can play any sport and be fit. The technology we will be using to create our front covers are things with ICT such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. These were used to make the magazine to seem more professional and some would believe it is easier to design via ICT. Even the article was produced using Microsoft Word which made it seem a lot more appealing and professionally designed. Evaluation My strength of helping design a front cover was that I had a lot of knowledge about design which was a great use in this project. This was a really big help as I could make the cover to the best quality possible using graphics designing software. An area which I was not very strong in was mostly the research side of the project. I was able to research other magazine covers that were relevant to the genre of magazine that I had based my project on. ...read more.


My strengths on designing were that I had researched some information and I had learnt that the reader's eye automatically goes to the right of the page when a magazine is first opened. This is why I decided to put the topics and names of the articles on the right side of the contents page so they are clearly visible and not a problem to understand either. I had also used bright colours and large images to dominate the page so that the contents page looked appealing to the audience and still provided sufficient information was is good because it makes the text seem appealing without making the page look too compact. Also, I had used the same colours as the main colours on the front page for the contents page as they are the colours that will be representing the magazine and also because they are bright and eye-catching. Another reason I decided to use these colours was because they are attractive and motivational colours whereas other colours such as purple or blue are too dull or boring. One thing I had added as an extra was a FIFA world rankings table as I have a lot of knowledge about football and I wanted to add a personal touch. This was also beneficial because when the reader opens the magazine and their eye moves to the right of the page, they will see this extra feature and may find it interested to read if they are fans of the sport. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jhanzeb Chaudhry English Media Coursework Supporting Account 1 ...read more.

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