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media review

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Year 11 media: Practical production supporting account My practical production magazine 'Real' is of the lifestyle genre, I looked at magazines like 'Now' and 'Heat' for inspiration for my magazine. With the lifestyle genre I am looking to put a mixture of real life stories and celebrity gossip in my magazine as these are the main connotations found in this genre. My target audience for my magazine is mainly aimed towards females aged 16-40 as this is a very popular target area and their basic interests and attraction to a magazine is easy to create. The magazine has fewer longer articles and more images and shorter texts as most of the people who read these magazines are on the move or don't have time to read through lots of articles and would prefer to flick through a magazine and still be able to pick up 'of the moment' gossip or 'amazing' true stories. My font cover is bright and bold to stand out to the reader. ...read more.


The stories are about people who have had difficulties with their relationships. I chose "Gay boyfriend abandoned me when I was 8 months pregnant" and "My boyfriend cheated on me with my mum" as these are stories that will shock readers and attract sympathy. The straight to the point shocking quotes I used will leave people wanting to read more. A lot of the audience I chose like to hear about tragedy and heartbreak which is why every story on my front page is upsetting and sad. The colours I chose for the front page are pink, red, white, black and blue as these are colours that stand out and make an impact on the magazine. I chose bright bold colours for my contents page to make the magazine seem more inviting. I used a black font in my columns of the contents page to make it clearer to read and easy to follow. The page numbers are in bold as this is vital information. ...read more.


Images were also an issue as many I found weren't the right size or were filtered. It was difficult to find an image to go with the emotion or atmosphere of the interview/article. I was quite happy with my contents page and main article as I spent a long time on them and I thought they came out well. I wish that I had found better images foe my front page to make it look more professional and better laid out. My advert was easy and simple to do but it would have been nice to find images and text that go together better than the ones I used. I could have improved my practical production with more time and better resources and that's what I would do if I were to do it again, attempt more work on different computers, look at more magazines and spend more time on it. Overall I am happy with the work I've done, I think I did quite well and am pleased with my production especially my main article and contents page. ...read more.

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