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Media studies: Lily Allen analysis. Ive been taking a look at Lily Allen, focusing on the way her biggest fans can communicate with her, via the websites.

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Media studies: Lily Allen analysis Recently I've been taking a look at Lily Allen, focusing the way her biggest fans can "communicate with her", via the websites. After browsing through her my space page, it's clearly very full of facts about her and her life. But after noticing the massive list of influences and the amount of work that's been put into her page, could it in fact be questioned that it's not her genuine input, and just a way to publicize and please her fans. This could however be wrong, but is a completely controversial topic that has been discussed on many occasions. She often interacts with her audiences through my space/twitter, by accepting friends and also changing her "status's", as well as being entered in to win prizes that enable you to come see lily and friends TV show, but to be able to have a chance at this you have to subscribe too her website and given personal details about yourself. ...read more.


were most likely to have controlled what went on and what didn't, to make it appeal more too fans. Unfortunately about internet sites, you never know if its actually the real person talking to you/others or not, at one point in a newspaper, lily Allen had apparently been on twitter after panicking when a member of her backing band disappeared during a tour stop in Serbia. The article consisted of: "The pop star took to her Twitter page to plead with users for help in finding the keyboardist when he went missing hours before they were due to take the stage at Europe's EXIT Festival on Thursday (09Jul09). She wrote, "HELP! I've lost my keyboardist and friend Eddie Jenkins, last seen last night at Hotel Park in Novi Sad, Serbia. Not only have we got to play a gig tonight, but I'm really worried about him. If anyone knows where he is, get him to call me." ...read more.


In conclusion lily's fan interactivity seems too sometimes contradict itself in some ways, but she lets them know what's happening in her life, which gives fans the feeling they have a more personal know about her life. I feel the websites are however over perfected, and that its bound not too be her speaking the majority of the time, after all not only has she got a busy career, but choosing to interact with her fans over a holiday or a shopping spree is unlikely. I do think that her producers and record company are doing a good job of getting her better publicity, and giving her more of a broader range of fans, as the sites are worldwide. Its just getting the target market right in my opinion for them, and making sure they make money, no matter how much they re create and shape her, it has to suit "the criteria". Kaya Cheshire 6VAD media studies ...read more.

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