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Media Studies Movie Trailer review- Unleashed The movie trailer I will be reviewing is unleashed. The introduction constantly changes its camera

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Media Studies Movie Trailer review- Unleashed The movie trailer I will be reviewing is unleashed. The introduction constantly changes its camera position showing glimpses of action whilst explaining the basic story. The director is attempting to get across to the audience is that the main character identified as Jet Li is treated very poorly. He is merely used to fight for money. The music for the introduction is deliberate and dull, whilst showing flashes of action with Jet Li and also glimpses of the character chained up. This conveys the characters lack of self-rule. The images used at this point in the trailer have all been used with shadowy and dark backgrounds to convey and reflect on the characters miserable lifestyle. ...read more.


This reveals to the audience that the character is beginning to see a brighter side to life as well as building up a firm relationship with his guardians. Text is used across the screen effectively "a life reborn" for final confirmation of the characters change in life. Unexpectedly, the scene cuts to the mafia leader looking for "Danny", the main character. The dark background is again used to great effect that is used to signify the characters gloomy way of life. This is aimed to build up tension throughout the audience and to start fearing for the character, as he is unaware of this. ...read more.


It is finally revealed that the main character is not free from his past. The trailer then conveys lots of action scenes which attempts to appeal to the action based side of the film, exploiting Jet Li's renowned martial art skills. This is used to grab extra sections of the potential audience. During the action-based scenes the music is far higher octane, looses its calmness and gains volume as well as an erratic tempo. The final section of the trailer reveals the actors names, which is also used to promote the movie. The prominent names of Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins are revealed to the audience to convey that the movie is highly budgeted. The Overall effect of the trailer leaves the audience to wonder the outcome of the character, whether he escapes his dominated existence. ...read more.

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