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Media Studies Practical Production evaluation

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AS Media Studies Med 3: Practical Production Evaluation The aim of my production was to make a movie trailer. During the pre-production my roles in my group were to create the storyboard and we shared the other process during the production and post-production equally which includes shooting and editing. When we have finished shooting the trailer, first of all we used Adobe Premiere software to edit our trailer. We produced a multi-generic movie trailer which includes psychological suspense thriller and mystery and the trailer is called "Slashed". There were four characters in our movie trailer. A generic convention of psychological suspense thriller and mystery include ominous mise-en-scene and narratives that move from equilibrium to disturbance and back to a new equilibrium, in our movie trailer the characters within the trailer were wearing a dark costume which connotes dark, evil and the villain was wearing black costumes to signify danger and horror. This also will enable the audiences to recognise the dress code. In terms of music we used eerie and suspense orchestration to convey a great deal of information about the mood of each shot, and the tone and to create tension in the audience. Also, the music throughout the trailer reflected the viewers feeling. The music quickly fades out, leaving silence before the villain appears. ...read more.


trailer, the villain can easily be recognised by the audience as the killer were wearing a mask, black costume and carries iconographic tools of the trade such as knife which seems to differentiated from the other characters. The princess seems to be the hero as she needs rescuing. But the helper, dispatcher, donor, false hero and the princess father are not revealed as it's a movie trailer. Secondly Todorov, he was primarily interested in the structure of narratives. He discovered five distinct stages which seem to relate to our movie trailer. Firstly, the equilibrium is established when the teenagers are in a college socialising, the disruption of the trailer recognised when the characters got killed, the recognition of the disruption, attempts to repair the damage and the new equilibrium hasn't been shown as it's a trailer. Thirdly, Barthes noted that stories must use of enigma code. This refers to the way in which stories will usually contain a central mystery that must be solved by the conclusion of the narrative, in our trailer the enigma code seems to be " who is the killer?" and " will Angela survive?". This keeps the audience actively engaged with the storyline and the action code in the trailer allows the audience to predict what will happen next. For example the close up of the characters looking around, generic conventions, type of music seems to draw on our cultural knowledge and generic competence of the possible meaning of these details and actions. ...read more.


In doing so we were able to anchor the trailer and begin with the audience having some idea about the type of film. Iconography is included in the trailer to allow for the recognition of narrative conventions. The blood, mask, and knife are part of the iconography in our trailer. If I had another chance to improve the trailer, I would add a voice over in the trailer and shoot some of the shots in dark locations. Overall, I believe that my practical production turned out to be quite successful in following the codes and conventions of suspense thriller/mystery genre as the chosen genre recognisable. We co-operated well as a group which was the key for the success of the movie trailer. In order to make our trailer in a high standard and quality, we used different techniques from the video camera such as medium shot, close-up shot and during editing, we used fade in and fade out which adds a touch of mystery and it gives audience the impression of only getting a glimpse at an ongoing scene before they lose sight of it again. At the end of the trailer we added the names of the cast, directors, producers, release date and an external link such as a website. We also added universal countdown, 20th century fox Film Corporation at the beginning, all of which adhere to the conventions of trailer production. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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