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Media Studies - Production - The magazine front cover.

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Kirsty Elizabeth Thomas Centre no. 68810 Exam no. 08059 Media Studies Coursework Production The magazine front cover I have used the red and yellow theme in my magazine, as the both colours are very vibrant and young, I have used red as this issue is the "Valentines issue" of "Oi!" the red colours have connotations of love and valentines day itself. I have printed the masthead "Oi!" at the top of the page in yellow and red bold text as this draws attention to the name of the magazine also the word "Oi!" is an exclamation people use everyday, this would relate to the public and make people want to buy this magazine. I have added a feature saying "What's Hot And What's Not!" ...read more.


feature photograph of this magazine, I have also used a competition to link to this exclusive story "Win tickets to meet the sex and the city girls!" in the same colours as the story. I have used a puff this is called "THE young woman's magazine", "THE" is in capitals as its meant to be emphasised to show that this is the only magazine for young women. I have used a cover line on the bottom left hand side of the page its called "J-lo pregnant?" this evokes curiosity and makes the reader want to read the full story. I have placed the text on top of the picture in white, as the picture is quite dark, this makes the text stand out and makes this posed picture have a meaning. ...read more.


The words "Contents Page has been placed on top of a flower pattern from "Microsoft Clipart" as it is fitting with the theme. I have used pink and white writing, again in Standard English to appeal to my audience. I think it's important to change the colours of the pages of the magazine as it prevents the magazine from becoming dull and boring. Promotion I will place this magazine for sale 50 pence cheaper than the usual price of �2.00 to influence the public to try this new magazine. I will place this magazine on the television as an advertisement, but the costs of advertising are high. I could also place adverts on the Internet or on the radio to try and influence the reader to try this magazine. ...read more.

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