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Media Studies - Television Program Introduction - opening sequences

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Media Studies (Television Program Introduction) There are many useful techniques greatly in television programmes and in their opening sequences. They are used to attract the viewer's attention while also creating a great way to show what the upcoming program is about. One of these techniques is the use of split screening; this is a very attractive way to put across what a programme is about, tone or genera. In the television soap 'Hollyoaks' the beginning shows a short clip of around thirty seconds to around a minute that gives a little incite into the episode, which is followed by the use of split screening in the opening credits. In this introduction there is a blue background, which shows a mellow tone while clips of other parts of past or upcoming shows pass down the screen. This is used to 'grab' the viewers attention by showing the more essential parts of the soap while not giving away much of the story line or spoiling the plot. ...read more.


Using these techniques is clearly marking out what kind of programme is to come, through the used of humour shown in then opening scenes. The opening theme is slow and serious but also very catch. It could be linked to the likes of other police and emergency services documentaries like 'The Bill' because they are very similar in tone. In the television soap 'Eastenders' the opening credits starts on the centre of East London and pans out to show the larger area of East London. The most noticeable part of the introduction is the theme music used, it is a very catchy tune that even people who wouldn't normally watch the programme would recognise. The opening doesn't need to show any clips of other parts of its shows because unlike most television programmes it is continuously running so there is no need for it. The area shown is very grey and colourless showing a lower or even middle class type of place. People can relate to this type of viewing because the characters are based on working class people. ...read more.


One of these is the connction with Winston Churchill and his cigar, this shows his power and links with the fact he would always have one. Iconic signs are such as how a cross is related to Jesus's death. Syne Doche is another sign where a part is substituted for a whole. Signifier is the part that explains why that particular part is used. Signified is the production or programme is shown and understood. Narrative structure is the way is told or explained and can largely influence the audience responds to the event or programme. In a film a producer will make the audience feel sorry or show symperthy to make them feel more close or connected to the characters. One narrative code is the use of fighting and explosions in an action film. Action codes are the way the story line is solved through the use of action while in a programme with enigma codes it is solved through puzzles or mysteries. Three types of narrative are they use of guns and car chases in action movies, the use of murder, mystery and twists in a thriller and the use of monsters and horror in a scary movie. ...read more.

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