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Mental illness is often negatively or misrepresented by the media to our naive society

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Media Critique Hide and Seek Sara Swingle Professor Penny COL 360-N2 April 9, 2005 Mental illness is often negatively or misrepresented by the media to our naive society. Due to the lack of knowledge about mental illnesses audiences tend to believe that what they see on the television or the movies is the truth when in fact it is not. Worse then the stigma attached to the people with mental illness is the stigma attached to the psychologists and psychiatrists who try and help these people better understand what ails them. Many are portrayed as crazy or suffering from a form of mental illness themselves. In reality though these doctors are just doing their jobs, which is to help these people out, not to suffer the backlash that comes with the job and stigma attached to it. Synopsis and Summary Hide and Seek is a cinematic picture that tells of Dr. David Callaway, a psychiatrist played by Robert DeNiro, and his young daughter Emily Callaway, portrayed by Dakota Fanning. Dr. Callaway wakes in the middle of the night to find that his wife has committed suicide in their bathtub. ...read more.


Callaway's old students. She plays an important part in figuring out that Emily is not lying and that Dr. Callaway is the one with the problems. Dr. Callaway does not take her words of advice because she is one of his students, so he knows better then she does. With her professionalism being taken as a joke she has no other way of convincing Dr. Callaway to listen to her. She eventually figures out the truth and becomes the hero of the movie. As she has the gun pointed at David he tells her that she does not have it in her to kill him. Obviously she pulls the trigger and does indeed kill and takes on the role of the primary caregiver to Emily. This motherly instinct to protect her saves Emily's life. Also feelings of guilt about how she never noticed what Dr. Callaway was suffering from and allowing Emily to live in that situation probably ties into why she ends up taking care of Emily. "Charlie", who is Dr. Callaway's "other personality", is the reason why everything bad that happens happens. ...read more.


They do not know what their other personality(ies) may be doing. It is a temporary amnesia for them. All of a sudden they wake up and cannot recollect what they had been doing for a length of time. That thought would scare me. I do not enjoy not being in control or knowing what is going on around me. I need to know what is going and who is around and know every angle of the situation. I guess that in the long run "my paranoia" will actually help me become a better police officer in the search of finding out the facts. I do not agree with the way that the movie ended or how people who suffer from this imparticular disorder are viewed. People who suffer from MPD or DID do not always have violent tendencies. In fact many of their personalities are a coping factor and never express such anger. There are the few cases were violent personalities do exist but again it is rare and should not be viewed as something that always happens. This illness is usually sparked by a traumatic event which was never shown in the movie. "Charlie" was the one who killed Allison, so the mystery is sparked as to where "Charlie" first originated from. ...read more.

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