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Micro Features Essay. This short essay will emphasize how Zhang Yimo uses these features within a short clip of his film, House of Flying Daggers.

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Micro Features Essay 2011 Film Studies Extract Analysis of Cinematography and Sound used during a five minute sequence from Yimo Zhang?s ?House of Flying Daggers?. Chris Saganic 12/16/2011 A romantic police captain breaks a beautiful member of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem. House of Flying Daggers is a 2004 Wuxi film directed by Zhang Yhimou. It differs from other Wuxi films in that it is more of a love story than a simplistic martial arts film. ________________ Micro features are essential within a film as they can help the film?s narrative flow, they help create an atmosphere and make the audience feel as if they aren?t just watching a film, but that they are a part of it. Sound and cinematography can be used to create emotional response within the audience and can, potentially, make or break a film. This short essay will emphasize how Zhang Yimo uses these features within a short clip of his film, ?House of Flying Daggers?. The sequence opens to a wide shot that shows the female character, Mei, of the narrative riding a horse galloping from the right of the shot, to the left. ...read more.


The classical, emotional piece stops, abruptly, here to emphasise the sense of danger. Another close up shot is used here to enhance the notion of fear as she spots the dagger. The quick use of a diegetic gasp from Mei underlines this fear further into the audience, along with the continuous use of the horse?s galloping. A slow motion tracking shot is then used to follow the dagger before it hits her. Emphasis is put on the dagger, again, but this time to show that there is not in fact one, but two daggers side by side heading for her. The previously stated is done to evoke fear in the audience further by showing that she will, inevitably, be hit by one of the daggers. The dagger hits her and the camera pans up. This is done to show her inferiority when she is hit by the dagger. The sound used here is levelled so that the impact of the dagger on her chest is greatly underlined. And as the horse gallops out of shot, all sound is faded leaving a quiet, diegetic footsteps of the horse, disappearing out of the scene. The aforementioned use of sound is done to ask the question in the audience?s mind, ?Who has hit her??, create questions over why she has been stricken and asks the audience, ?Is she now alone??. ...read more.


They are both centred in the middle of the shot at roughly the same height, to portray equality. The scene switches quickly to a close up of Leo?s face to give express the anger, fear and jealousy that he is feeling. This coupled with the diegetic shouting of ?Why did you go? Why?!?, really brings these notions into light and, as the audience, we are left feeling these intense emotions. The penultimate shot is a close up of Mei?s face, dripping with contrasted red blood from her mouth; she barely manages to say ?To be free like the wind.? Mei?s close up facial shot is to show that she seems content with her death and we as an audience begin to worry that she is about to die. At this stage, there is minimal diegetic of her dropping to the floor sound and Mei?s words dominate what we hear. Finally, the camera pans upwards to a close up of Leo?s face, which shows devastation in what he has done. As he steps backwards, the camera tracks him to keep the focus on his face. This is done to multiply the established emotions and further heighten the sense of sadness that he is feeling. As the scene comes to an end, the scream of Jin is the only sound we are left with. Chris Saganic Micro Essay ...read more.

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