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Mint Bar and Restaurant Evaluation - For our Med2 practical assessment we chose to advertise a bar/restaurant. The campaign consisted of 2 radio adverts and 2 poster advertisements.

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Mint Bar and Restaurant Evaluation For our Med2 practical assessment we chose to advertise a bar/restaurant. The campaign consisted of 2 radio adverts and 2 poster advertisements. Throughout the campaign we tried to incorporate the key concepts of advertising of which we learnt throughout Med2. This included genre, target audience, implicit and explicit ideology, language and form, institutions and representation. Within our group Luke and myself were responsible for the majority of the radio campaign. We are both music technology students, which meant we had the advantage of using all the recording equipment needed to record the adverts. We used the music software programme Cubase 3.1 to record both of the advertisements. Arjun and Stuart had the responsibility of creating the poster advertisements for which they used the photo editing software programme Adobe Photo Shop 7.0. Although we had divided responsibilities we all had input on the design of each advertisement. Before creating our campaign we needed to look at the audience we would be targeting. ...read more.


We did this by scripting it so each character used correct English but used terms such as "I might get asked back for a coffee, if you know what I mean...." Which is a term used by younger generations suggesting that there may be the hope of sex at the end of the evening. Our adverts were intended to advertise the bar and restaurant section of "Mint". We needed each of the adverts to show the different sides of "Mint". We needed the Restaurant advert to reflect a feeling of relaxation and calm and the bar advert to show how "Mint" becomes livelier at night. We did this through the use of music. We used a relaxed tune for the restaurant advert and a more upbeat jazzy tune for the bar. We also altered the volume of the background noise making it quieter for the restaurant and louder for the bar. Each advertisement was 30 seconds long this is the usual length of radio advertisements. ...read more.


'James Bond' made us aware that it would be an ideal glass to use to attract the older generation of our target audience. Also the tall glass is known for containing mixed spirits e.g. Vodka and Coke which is a popular drink with younger generations. This enabled us to cover both age groups of our target audience. The font used on each advertisement had to stand out. We decided to make the font italic and a different shade of green to each of the glasses as this would make the font more noticeable. The reason for having two posters in our campaign was to emphasise the fact the bar was a national chain (different addresses on each poster), but also instil the idea that although the bar is a national chain it can also be a local bar. This is why we chose to advertise though a local medium opposed to a national medium. We were happy with the effect of each advertisement but noticed that we had not mentioned anything about "Mint" being a bar/restaurant which myself and the others in the group were not happy about. Jamie Maunder 12CAL Word Count 1,054 ...read more.

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