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Modern Entertainment.

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MODERN ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment and its modes has been evolving over the ages but the oldest form of entertainment has been that of court jesters. They were in reality buffoons, who were paid to serve rulers and keep them in good humor. Besides royalty, the common man also had his own forms of entertainment, be it wrestling, watching pageants or the early form of crude theatre. They also entertained each other with animals like dog racing, horse racing, bull fighting, and even ram and cock fighting, on which bets were placed. This forum of entertainment was bloody and gory, with added adventure of gambling. As the forums evolved with the creativity of the human brain , they became more and more sophisticated, but the basics always remained the same and will retain so in the future. ...read more.


Of course all of this has led to advancement of general knowledge, which is why present generations is more knowledgeable than their fore fathers. Cinema is another medium of entertainment , through feature films. This may be based on mythology, stories written by famous authors, biographies of leaders or incidents which have led to a change in our world or social structure. Cinema has been very helpful in lucidly narrating the events of the world wars. This has enabled us to gather knowledge of the disasters of war, of the holocausts, like the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war between USA and Vietnam is also there for us to see and experience. ...read more.


Adventure is another form of modern entertainment which is mainly for the physically fit. Be it any branch of sports , achievements in this field are such that top performers today are looked up to by lesser mortals who pay to see them perform. Lucky are those persons who have chosen this form of entertainment as their profession . The added advantage is that they get handsomely paid to do what they enjoy doing. Examples of top basketball player, cricketers, tennis, golfers, and footballers are just few of the streams , where they are highly paid and have become extremely rich. In conclusion ,I think the right forms of entertainment should be those without negative impacts, whick has the quality to relax and make a person happy. ...read more.

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