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Movie Publicity

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One might argue that the movie quality would be the key determinant in a successful launch of a movie. After all if a movie is of high quality then through instruments like the media and general word of mouth the launch of the movie should be successful but this is not necessarily the case. Nowadays the marketing as well as the quality have to be in good shape. In Hollywood the market is highly competitive movie marketing is more crucial than it has ever been. 'Developments in technology and communications have helped make marketing an equal partner in Hollywood's equation for box office success. ...read more.


Publicity is important in launching a movie; it refers to the communication about the movie in the media without paying for the time or space directly. Marketers use publicity to get potential audience more aware of the movie. Publicity tools include radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. In reality the main publicity tactic is to get the main actors or actresses on interviews on radio, television and magazines. When it comes to newspapers (mainly in the UK) the publicity involves photos and stories about the cast. Newspapers like the sun write about the main actor/actress personal life after all the saying is 'there is no publicity like bad publicity'. ...read more.


'The typical launch strategy for films is to pre-market the movie in thousands of cinemas. The movie industry is very much a seasonal business, with two prime seasons: winter and summer.'2 Winter movies include films with a Christmas spirit to it, for example films like home alone, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The main aim of timing is to release the film at the most likely time during the year all of its audience would be likely to view the film. For example the movie sharks tale which is an animated cartoon was released during the half-term holidays. 1 Source: Good time to reassess movie marketing basics by Martin A. Grove 2 Principles and practice of marketing 4th edition by David Jobber (2004) page 626 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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