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"Much Ado About Mousing"

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Commentary "Much Ado About Mousing" This piece is in the format of a newspaper article in the broadsheet 'The Independent Review'. Styled as a critical review, the piece is intended to inform the reader about an episode of 'Tom and Jerry', a cartoon aimed at young children. However, I decided to imitate the verbose style of a broadsheet critic, and I also aimed to mock the overly analytical, presumptuous tone that the media often exudes, by relating every minor incident of 'violence' in the cartoon to extreme cases of brutality in society. ...read more.


I used complex lexis, to appeal to the more refined audience: "unashamed trivialisation", "sadistic depravity" and "ferocious contempt" are a few examples. In many cases, I used words that would not be found in typical tabloid newspapers; I would have incorporated more simple synonyms if I had written the article for 'The Sun'. The language is Standard English, with a formal register to add gravitas and sincerity to the article. I have mostly used compound and complex sentences, as these are flowing and add diversity to the article. ...read more.


The graphology is based on a typical newspaper layout, with a bold headline, small font for subtitles and the date heading, and the inclusion of a relevant picture and caption. The cartoon engages the readers' attention, enticing them to read the article. I have used lexis from the semantic fields of violence and brutality, to reinforce the message that 'Tom and Jerry' is detrimental to society. Technical terminology such as "Rohypnol" gives the article an authentic tone, as do the specific references to data and significant criminal cases. The article is based on a pragmatic understanding of the nature of the media; the Press often exaggerates facts, and scaremonger by transforming innocent stories into biased, opinionated versions. ...read more.

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