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Music 2 revise by

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Music 2 revise by Media studies assignment Brief I have decided to produce a compact disc called 'Music 2 revise by', a poster and leaflet promoting the product for my media studies practical production. I will be working solo on this product. I am going to produce a CD, which will contain music that hopefully helps people revise. I have decided to do this because of personal preference to revise whilst listening to music, a large majority of people have also told me they revise better whilst listening to music and because of a current gap in the market for my CD. A lot of considerations need to be taken into account including the following: layout and design (both of the CD itself and the adverts) use of language as this is major when marketing and promoting the product to a specific audience and media technologies. I will also need to look at media audiences, representation and the values and ideology. ...read more.


I'm going to find the specific target audience from my research I'll carry out, collect and analyse. Once I have found the target audience I can plan where to advertise it. The target gender does not matter as both male and female revise. The realistic possible age of the audience will be school pupils or college students. Therefore magazines such as more and bliss will be perfect for female school students and for female college student's magazines such as vogue and. The male college students are likely to read FHM and Front. These are fashion and lifestyle genre magazines and possibly even football magazines such as 442. The male school student targeted magazines will be very difficult to distinguish. This is because there does not seem to be any specific magazines for the age group of fourteen to sixteen at first look. ...read more.


The Posters and CD will be printed out on a laser printer and very good paper that is most appropriate for the task. This will be important as the consumer always expects and wants good quality. The potential problems I may face are time restrictions, availability of equipment, collecting and analysing the research and also carrying it out over a varied age groups and the music chosen, is what consumers assume to be popular at this moment in time, might soon not be. To overcome these potential problems I will take action to make sure they do not affect my work. I will carefully plan what I will do stage-by-stage to overcome any possibility of the product not being finished in time. I will also make sure the equipment is readily available in abundance so the action plan I will make will not be disrupted. The research that is going to be carried out will be taken precisely and analysed carefully to be sure there are no data anomalies. ...read more.

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