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Music is the most influential of all of the art forms. It is more than entertainment. Music has been used as a powerful tool for healing, a means of communication, and a way to lift the human spirit.

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Shannon Gardner 3/17/2002 English 105 Essay # 4 Argument/Persuasion Paper Concession format Music is the most influential of all of the art forms. It is more than entertainment. Music has been used as a powerful tool for healing, a means of communication, and a way to lift the human spirit. To some, music results in the loss of parental control, loss of imagination, and increase difficulty in relationships (Bloom, 135). These two very different views of music have been the subject of debate for and against music. Music itself heals, soothes, motivates, innovates and stimulates the mind, body, and soul. Some believe that music interferes with moral development. The outrageous lyrics can promote sex, violence, and drugs. Rock has been said to have "the beat of sexual intercourse" (Bloom, 130). The arousing beat and explicitly descriptive lyrics encourage youth to treat these as completely natural urges. They give the implications of routine and acceptance before even the slightest knowledge of love, marriage, or family. It also has a negative impact on education. ...read more.


They use music to shape and reinforce behavior, increase social skills and expression, increase endorphins and immune responses and in mental rehabilitation (Coleman, 1997). The most common use of music therapy, however; is to reduce anxiety. It is true some music has a negative affect on young children. The lyrics aren't always appropriate for young listeners. But to say that it may make it difficult to have a passionate relationship to the art is absurd. Music is art. Music is one of the most popular art forms. The love for music is the love for art. Also, to say that music has a negative affect on education is not correct. Music therapy is used to improve academic and motor skills, increase attention spans, and to strengthen social and leisure skills (Music Therapy, 1999. Music therapy can also help individuals on their journey of self-growth and understanding. Involvement in music and the arts helps to increase self-esteem and creativity. It helps a person feel more confident and to feel a sense of accomplishment. ...read more.


Just because not everyone listens to the same music doesn't mean the other music is bad. If someone doesn't like a painting, is it considered bad? No. It is just an opinion. The next ten people to see the painting my absolutely love it. It is the same with music. Everyone has different tastes. If you don't like rock, or any certain style, do not listen to it. Music, of every kind touches someone in some way, and everyone is affected by music his or her day to day life. There is no way around it. Take music in the background of a restaurant for example. In fancy restaurants they play slow, relaxing music. In livelier restaurants they play faster music. Subconsciously, the music affects how fast you eat and what you order. It plays with your mind. This is also done with the colors in the restaurant. Music affects everyone. It alters moods, energizes, calms, soothes, and so much more. It is used as communication, to heal, reduce anxiety, and alter behavior. I believe music is very important. Can you imagine life, even a day without any music at all? Music is definitely not a bad thing. It is used all over the world. ...read more.

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