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music publication through what was relevant in society.

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Task One Dear Miss Bethany Sharp, I have done extensive research into the following magazines in order to conclude their success as a music publication through what was relevant in society. NME 1950's What was Society like? It was the end of wartime rationing from World War 2 and there was now a consumer society. Teenagers had now been given spending power but no means of entertainment but magazines. Rock 'n roll hit the scene with a new audience, the emerging youth culture had now taken the music scene and Rock was now dismissed by older generations. This type of music was popular mostly with teenagers who were trying to break out of the mainstream idea of the middle class. Also, The US had now created their own Hot 100 Music Charts - NME responded to the change in Society so because teenagers wanted to break out of the idea of middle class that Editors decided to publish adds in the magazines content 'wanted: hip young gun slingers'. NME did this so that they could get new, fresh writers who represented part of the audience; therefore they were part of the music scene and would have a more informal mode of address, therefore relate as well as appeal to them, creating success for the magazine. ...read more.


- NME responded to the change in Society so the NME magazine as the music scene was becoming younger, NME introduced Club NME nights across Britain and to the US. Smash Hits Late 1970's/1980's What was Society like? Society was now full of mass unemployment and there were now a social unrest- people where now angry at the government and there were now anti-rebellion teens. Punk was introduced and the idea of being rebellious, bands like the sex pistols started to make the music scene. - NME responded to the change in Society so the Smash Hits magazine As the new music scene was young socialites and looking good was important, Smash Hits was a new glossy magazine for younger audiences . It used niches which appealed to younger audiences because it focused around "trivia" (What is your favourite colour? etc.) they used this informal mode of address to create success - It appeals to the audience to create success because it talks about lives and gossip, something the audience was looking for. - NME responded to the change in Society so the Smash Hits magazine as the magazine was talking to a new audience it created a new mode of address; it was now informal and colloquial - chatty because it had to represent the audience in order to create success. ...read more.


- NME responded to the change in Society so the Sniffin' Glue magazine Young socialites wanted to be part of the music scene, so they wanted to belong to a group, The Sniffin' Glue publication is one that is a fanzine - It appealed to the audience because this means it is exclusively made by fans for fans for a specific genre - Punk Zine, this meant the audience could relate to Gigs and so on. It also appealed to the audience because it meant that it could remain very Punk and shocking through the mode of address such as the aggressive and vulgar language but managed to remain very political toward the audience through the points it made. - NME responded to the change in Society so the Sniffin' Glue magazine It was because the audience wanted to be heard that the publisher Perry encourages reader to make their own fanzines so sniffin' glue had less circulation - It appealed to the audience because it Introduced the British punk culture and DIY Punk ethic so fans created their own fanzines. By doing this they kept the audiences demands and met theirs, overall creating success - It appealed to the audience as the mode of address was very opinionated, they were able to say what they wanted a it was a non-profit fanzine - They appealed to the audience as they represented them through the cover as it very punk and shocking almost making a political statement ...read more.

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