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My Adventure In Oz.

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My Adventure In Oz By Alexa Glick Last year my family and I went on holiday to Australia. Instead of touring the country in style, we decided to take every day as it comes and that's exactly what we did. After arriving in Darwin, we spent the next couple of weeks burning up the miles travelling down to Adelaide. Darwin is not the most exciting of places, but the Hippy Club's offer of free food went down a treat. There is also fish feeding at high tide, where metre long fish, feed bread from your hand, which is pretty strange. In what was to become the first of many ridiculously early pre-dawn starts, we embarked on a day trip to Litchfield National Park, where we saw a seven metre high termite mound, (Fact: There are so many termites, their combined weight would be twice that of all the people!) and swam in crystal clear watering holes below sparkling waterfalls. We passed our first 'sign' of Aussie humour on our way back; a fire warning stating: "we like our lizards frilled not grilled!" We stopped off at the Mindel Beach Sunset Market back in Darwin, which really lived up to its name with a really spectacular sunset over the sea. ...read more.


To be fair it was pretty harsh conditions, and I got swept downstream myself. Despite the freezing morning temperatures, we braved a dipping in the not so hot thermal pools, before heading out to Daley Waters with a population of twenty, which holds the dubious distinction of having the world's most remote traffic light, and Oz's first international airport, which the maniac bus driver tried to take off from to the tune of Star Wars! In Oz all it takes to be classified as a town is a pub and a post office, and believe it when I say, Daley Waters wasn't anything more than that, although we did bump into some people that we knew. We spent our first night out round the campfire in swags rather than tents, which are effectively bedrolls, which your sleeping bag fits inside. They're surprisingly comfy but extremely cold in the morning when the temperature drops to minus four, which didn't make for such a great start, and it got worse as we had a mine tour at seven fifteen in the morning! It was a truly horrendous experience and to add insult to injury the mine guide assured us that the cemetery was worth a visit, for the gruesome descriptions of people's untimely deaths down the mines. ...read more.


We were back on the bus at a relatively early hour for a trip to the visitors centre before visiting the Olga's. Following a three-hour walk we stopped for lunch and then embarked on the long drive to Kings Canyon where we were to spend the night. On the way Bob tried to take a short cut through the outback, and ended up getting us slightly lost - he was doing his best to push the forward capabilities to their limits! Finally we pulled off the road and found a clearing to make our camp for the night. In the distance Dingo's could be heard and Camel's defecation was scattered over the site. My sister and me collected wood, while the others made dinner, and a relatively quiet night was had by the fire. I hate pre dawn mornings, and the next day I literally had to be kicked from my swag, and it was so cold. We had a short ride to King's canyon, which was pretty spectacular to walk around. We even all managed to cope with Heart Attack Hill without incident. After twenty-four hours recuperation in Alice Springs, we headed down to Adelaide on the overnight train and checked into a nice hotel in the centre of town, before flying home the next day. Our adventure in Oz was over and a great adventure it was. ...read more.

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