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My aim was to produce a poster and video box advertising a film. Its purpose is to attract, target and engage the correct audience for the genre of my film through the way in which the media products are marketed.

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Media Studies Report: A Criminal Mistake My aim was to produce a poster and video box advertising a film. Its purpose is to attract, target and engage the correct audience for the genre of my film through the way in which the media products are marketed. In order to gain some knowledge of how to produce a media product (i.e. a video box and poster advertising a film) and market it correctly we studied and discussed the representation of crime in films. Crime as a genre can be represented through such things as icons, backgrounds and d�cor and themes. We have focused on a number of crime films as a basis for our research. These include Carloito's Way, Bellman & True and Out of Sight. I have also seen Fight Club, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch and looked at some of their posters in detail to help me gain a better insight into how they have targeted their audience. ...read more.


Basic traits of the main characters in the film are hinted at in the blurb and through the pictures giving the audience a relatively good idea of what they are like. The initial step of producing my poster and video box was deciding the genre of the film and I chose crime with a main sub-genre of romance. Once this had been established I set out the basic narrative structure so I could build on this to create a blurb. When writing the blurb I aimed to entice the audience by not giving too much away. I found that it was quite hard to make the film appealing by achieving this aim in so few words. I thought about what kind of images I wanted on my video box and poster and set about obtaining some photographs of a good quality, although nothing near that used in the media industry. Another problem with using my own photographs is that I had to use the people I knew and they didn't have much spare time so it was difficult to get them together. ...read more.


After I had completed these two media products I felt that although they may not be of the same standard as a Hollywood advertisement for a film, they still achieve certain objectives such as meeting the needs of the audience, making it clear who the target audience is, etc. When I started to produce my video box and poster I was not too confident about how to go about portraying the film through my use of colour, lettering and images, but as I progressed I soon became more confident about the ways in which to target my audience. My teaser poster for example has little information on, but I feel that it wants the audience to know more about the film and hopefully come and see it. If the marketing of your media product(s) is wrong then this can prove to be a serious limitation and very disadvantageous as the wrong audience will have been targeted. Although there were many obstacles and limitations that occurred I think my video box and poster will interest and attract my target audience (aimed at those interested in crime films), making them valid media products. ...read more.

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