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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography In this talk I'm going to discuss three of my childhood memories. These things are very special to me and I've treasured them mentally and physically throughout my life. I'd like to start with a book, this book is called 'Better days'. The moral of this book is to never give up trying in life, it describes a boy's childhood. The boy is called Tom and he was abused by his family, he was brutally beaten and his parents treated him like filth. But one day he thought that life was about happiness and dreams so he decided to stand up to what he believes in. ...read more.


This story stays close to my heart because it shows that anyone can be who they want to be, but the only way to live that dream is to stick with it and never give up. This story is also an inspiration in my life and it has taught me to never give up believing. Now I'm going to describe a song which to me feels really emotional, it is by a rapper called 2 Pac and the song is called 'Changes'. This song is about life and how life itself copes with changes. When I listen to this song it reminds me of September 11th because I think that tragic day changed the world for ever. ...read more.


This song will stay with me throughout my life and it reminds me to be kind to others and to settle things with peace and not war. Finally, this brings me to my last memory and that is an object that has been with me all my life. It would have to be my flannel. You are probably thinking 'why a flannel'. Well it may not be an expensive object but as long as it is yours it's priceless. When I was born I had this flannel by my side in hospital, it was just something to amuse and comfort me but from that day on I couldn't go anywhere with out it. This small flannel reminds me of my whole life and it symbolizes me as an individual. ...read more.

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