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My essay on different genres including the Ghost genre and the Fantasy & Adventure genre

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An essay on different genres including the Ghost genre and the Fantasy & Adventure genre I have chosen two completely different genres to base my essay on. Firstly, I have the mysterious and gripping Ghost Genre; the books I have studied are "The Woman in Black", "The Langoliers" and the spooky film, "The Others". The second genre is Fantasy & Adventure. The book I am studying is "Lirael", a recent book written by Australian author Garth Nix. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring", directed by Peter Jackson is the film that I am analysing. There are many, definite trends to ghost stories, no matter what the novel is about. They are all usually set in remote areas and are about haunting. Death is usually common in scary stories also. Dense fog creates mysteriousness in the ghost genre and scary stories. It is not just used in books, but is a frequent trick displayed in films. The Langoliers is a gripping novel about a flight from L.A. to Boston, where the passengers somehow disappear when the plane is caught in a time warp, and pilot Brian Engle is left on his own, attempting to land the stray flight. ...read more.


This works well as the reader will want to know what Nick is frowning at. They will want to discover what is either good or bad. This is where 'train of thought' comes into the novel. This means that one idea is carried on from one chapter to another chapter. Without it, the reader would have to read on further to find out what has happening or what is happening. In "The Woman in Black", 'train of thought' is used as frequently, many chapters beginning where the previous chapter ended, an example of this is: "...for the last few miles of our journey." The next chapter begins with: "When we arrived, my first impressions were..." This is a great example of 'train of thought' as one part ends with Arthur on his journey. He then arrives and describes the market town on the next page. I have discovered many trends in the three ghost stories that I have analysed. All of the books have been set in either a remote area or at night. Two have both of these characteristics. Ghost stories all have a main character who is haunted by ghostly things. Cliff-hanger endings to chapters are common, and are then followed by 'train of thought'. ...read more.


In "Lirael" it says: Sameth ran. As he did so, the heavens opened, and the large drops of rain began to fall. They splashed on the ground..." In this genre, the weather matches the characters' moods, unlike in ghost stories where pathetic fallacy is used and there are constantly storms and overcast days. At the end of both of the Fantasy films and stories, there are strange endings, with a small twist. In the "L.O.T.R." Merry and Pippin (two hobbits) are captured, Boromir is slain by an Orc and Frodo and Sam leave and decide to complete their task alone. In "Lirael" Sameth realizes that his friend Nicholas has been captured by Hedge and sets off to find him, ending the book on a cliff-hanger! I have found that, like Ghost stories, the Fantasy Genre has certain trends too. There are two sides, good and evil, the main characters are usually on quests and have a companion, and the weather matches the mood of people involved in the story. Also, in both "Lirael" of course the "L.O.T.R." magic is used frequently. 'Train of thought' is not used often though as so much is happening in the novel. To summarise although all stories within a certain Genre are totally contrasting, they are similar in their sentence structure, characters, and of course... storyline. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Keating 9D - 1 - ...read more.

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