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My magazine is called "Flava" and it is aimed at teenagers, as when I researched on magazines I found this one was quite popular.

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My magazine is called "Flava" and it is aimed at teenagers, as when I researched on magazines I found this one was quite popular. I spent 4 weeks on my magazine and put a lot of effort into it. Before I started to produce my magazine I planned out how I was going to set it out and what type of things I was going to include in it. Here is a list of what I came up with...... My magazine contains: * Celebrity page * Interview with a pop band * Two real life stories * Album review * What's hot and what's not in music * Dish of the day * Horoscopes * 3 adverts (including back page) ...read more.


I used a number of different formats and fonts. I did a lot of research on the Internet using Yahoo and Google. I worked with another pupil in my class, Khiley Williams, and we both came up with our own ideas. The pages I produced was the, "Dear Angel" problem page, the album review of Christina Aguilera's Stripped, dish of the day page, the real life story of "How I coped with Anorexia", the front cover, the celebrity page (all the celebs dressed in black), and the whats hot and whats not page. The page which required the most research was the real life story but I also put a lot of effort into the front cover as I wanted to make it eye catching and interesting. ...read more.


I used the band "Busted"'s logo on my front cover as well as there is a feature on them inside the magazine. To get the logo I went onto the Official Busted website, www.busted.com, and had to cut, copy and paste it onto publisher. I then had to fill in its original red background with pink to match the background of my front cover. Also on the front cover, I have included the price, a barcode and a logo, "Girls with taste get Flava". For my barcode I used the search engine "Google" and typed in barcodes. I found one and cut copied and pasted again. ...read more.

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