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My name is Ushna Amin and I would like to put forward an idea about a new character for your TV sitcom the Simpsons.

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Friday 15th December 2000 To Matt Groewing, My name is Ushna Amin and I would like to put forward an idea about a new character for your TV sitcom the Simpsons. My character is a 10-year-old Japanese schoolboy. I have been watching your show for around 8 years and although it is a very good program I have always felt it was lacking one particular type of family. I have noticed from watching your show on a regular basis that each of your characters is a stereotypical view of the type a type of person. For example Apu, he is given a typical Indian accent and is very religious. Your show also satires a lot of America's institutions, for example the government and police force, and I feel that I have invented a character that would accommodated all the necessary acquirements that any character in your show would need. ...read more.


He comes to Springfield because his father, rich billionaire and owner of world famous Woo Enterprises, Tan Leigh Woo, decides to build a factory right in the middle of Springfield. No one is happy about it but Tan Leigh pays them off. Lee Shay goes to Bart's school and is very naughty. Bart and Lee Shay do not get along at first but gradually they become best friends. During Lee Shay time in Springfield he and Bart master some of Springfield's greatest pranks. The Woo's are very rich, and buy the two houses next to the Simpsons, knock them down and then build one great big mansion next door. Lee Shay's mother is called Waiwai Shay. ...read more.


Whenever Lee Shay gets in trouble, he normally tries to bribe his way out of it. His favourite sayings are, 'How much is it gonna cost me?' and 'I didn't do it!' He also has a typical Japanese accent even though he has never been to Japan. I feel my character would not only keep the audience you have now entertained but also attract new ones. My character would attract younger viewers' to your show. However it is up to you to chose whether or not you would like to use my character in your show or not. But if you decide against it I believe you would be making the biggest mistake and the most damaging decision to the future of your show, the Simpsons. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and hope you come to the best decision for your show. Yours Faithfully, Ushna Amin. ...read more.

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