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My Own advert analysis.

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Section 3 - My Own advert analysis For my own advert I have chosen to use an advert for Rolex watches. This Advert really caught my eye. The advert really holds the readers attention. The advert shows a large, shiny gold Rolex watch on the right of the page. I assume the watch shown is a Rolex's finest. Which draws the reader's attention even more. It is on a black textured ground to contrast with the bright and attractive colours of the watch. The page that the watch is on is white, this makes you draw all you attention to the watch. The photography of the watch is very sharp, and clear. To the left of the page, there is a picture showing Nascar's at Daytona driving around the track. ...read more.


The text reads "Daytona, 24 hours of spectacular racing, where each second lasts an eternity". They creators have chosen to use centre format for the text, so all the text remains in the centre. This is so they could make the reader stop at each part of the sentence, take in what they have just read, and continue reading the next sentence. The first caption "Daytona", is explaining to the reader in one word, the location the image is taking place. I think Daytona, is a household name. "24 hours of spectacular racing, where each second lasts an eternity". These captions basically explain the advertisers love for the race, and how each second lasts an eternity when you are wearing a Rolex watch. ...read more.


It is in proportion to the size of the watch directly above. The logo is well known. There is the gold crown, which emphasises Rolex's prestige. Under the watch there is small print, about the watch shown. This may be for the readers to know, if they wish to purchase the watch. I feel that this advertisement is attractive to a wide audience. This layout and the attractiveness will make everyone that reads it, want a Rolex. Although very few people could actually afford a watch of this prestige. This makes it even more appealing. I also feel that this advert is also aimed at teenage audiences that are mainly male, because the watch shown is for men. This advert is also presented as being very serious and respectful because of the type of buyer it is aimed at. A serious buyer. But it also creates a lot of interest with non-buyers, or dreamers. ...read more.

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