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My practical work in November 2003 was for option 3 - It was a piece of devised theatre work and was based on the style of soap opera.

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AQA Drama Part 1 Assessment My practical work in November 2003 was for option 3. It was a piece of devised theatre work and was based on the style of soap opera. My contribution to the performance was a character of a girl around the age of 17 who was dealing with a pregnancy. My characters name was Shelley. I had a sister called Marie who was a prostitute and was currently having affairs with the father of my baby. I however, did not know this. My parents had dies in a car crash a few years earlier so my sister and I were living with our Aunt Dee, who was away at the time. ...read more.


She cried and begged Marie not to tell anyone about the baby. In the scene with Phil she is very scared and at the end, breaks down and cries. She does not know what to do or how to deal with the situation. To help me with my work I looked for information in other soap opera's on the TV. This was the most useful material for me to look at as they allowed me to see how soaps were put together, how the storylines were put across and how the characters acted out these storylines. I found that Hollyoaks and Eastenders were the most useful. Eastenders had similar storylines to the ones in 'Valley Way' and the characters and age groups in Hollyoaks were similar. ...read more.


The owner of the pizza place was middle aged; the owners of the caf´┐Ż in Eastenders and the burger bar in Hollyoaks are fairly young. We chose to perform more in the style of Hollyoaks, as we wanted our soap to be something for young people to watch and relate to. For example, my storyline could have helped other young girls who have been made pregnant to do the right thing, had we made more episodes of our soap opera. In conclusion, I would like to say that I learnt how to play different moods and emotions when dealing with situations. I also learnt how to cut scenes and continue them after another couple of scenes have taken place. This made my storylines more effective and allowed the audience to see how I was feeling. ...read more.

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