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My presentation is about UEFA, which is the governing body of European Football. ICT

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Multimedia Part 1 Report GNVQ ICT The purpose of the presentation My presentation is about UEFA, which is the governing body of European Football. In my presentation I included information about all football bodies in Europe and also in depth information about the Champions League, which they run and organise. The presentation was very in depth and I believe that it was more suited for old audiences. The purpose of my presentation was to describe and show in detail what UEFA is and what they do. I believe that the presentation lived up to its purpose. Because of the presentation being complex I decided that the presentation is best for older teenagers and Young adults rather than Children or Older members of society. Originality in the Presentation Throughout my presentation I tried to use as much independent resources that I could, I created clip art, Made some graphics in programs such as Photoshop and I have also created a sound for the presentation. Obviously I can't create pictures of players and such but I have used as much of my own resources that I could. ...read more.


UEFA Cup competition 5. Champions League Competition 6. Intertoto Cup Competition 7. Fixtures Switchboard 8. UEFA Cup fixtures 2002 9. Champions League fixtures 2002 10. Intertoto Cup fixtures 2002 11. UEFA Players Switchboard 12. UEFA Cup Players 2002 13. Champions League players 2002 14. Intertoto Cup players 2002 15. UEFA Teams switchboard 16. UEFA Cup Teams 2002 17. Champions League teams 2002 18. Intertoto Cup teams 2002 19. English Champions League Teams Switchboard 20. Arsenal Football Club 2002 21. Manchester United Football Club 2002 22. Liverpool Football Club 2002 23. Newcastle United Football Club 2002 24. Spanish Champions League Teams Switchboard 25. Fut'bol Club de Real Madrid 2002 26. Fut'bol Club de Barcelona 2002 27. Fut'bol Club de Valencia 2002 28. German Champions League Teams switchboard 29. FC Bayern Munich 2002 30. FC Bayer Leverkusen 2002 My presentation goes in good order and I have created a storyboard to show this. My presentation took me roughly 2 and a half weeks to make. Design Notes My design notes didn't consist of much, but mainly the sheets I had to fill in at the start of the unit provided the guideline. ...read more.


I used 4 sounds in my presentation. 1 is for the start of the presentation where I played the UEFA champions League theme song. The second I used was the Arsenal Football Club chant. The Third sound I used was the British national anthem, and then fourth I used was the song "Football's Coming Home". I downloaded almost all of the songs from a program called "Kazaa", this program is an Internet Shareware program. Images I used I collected from various websites and tried to use "Headshots" when it came to pictures of players. The main two websites I used for the pictures were www.fifaworldcup.com and www.uefa.com, I also used Arsenal.com and other Football Club websites for sources. The formats of images I used were ". Gif, .jpg, .bmp. I tried to import Flash into the presentation, but I was unable due to the two programs not being compatible. So instead of using the flash I took screenshots of the flash and then posted it in as an image. Explanatory notes The reasons why a presentation of this sort is better than an oral presentation is because the presentation includes images, sounds & animation which makes the presentation more appealing. By Adam Langleben, 11M 1 ...read more.

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