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My Responses to the Films "Awakenings" and " Lorenzos Oil".

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Marie Amanda Frances E. Cruel 111021 PSY 106 ? B PCN:14 Awakenings/ Lorenzo?s Oil Since I started university in the Ateneo two years ago, I?ve heard many things about the subject Physiological Psychology from friends in older batches. They warned me all about the difficulty of the course but told me the really fun things we would experience in class, like donating blood and watching Dr. Cuenca demonstrate the action potential through body gestures (?action potential, action potential, sliiiiiiiide!?). However, no one ever told me that we would watch two movies that would have enough power to really move me but at the same time help me see how the lessons taken up in class can be realistically applied in life. In this paper, I will reflect on the things I?ve learned through the two movies regarding life and the power of the spirit. The two movies applied the lessons discussed in class in real life. Both movies drove me to the realization that the things I learn in this class are not merely a boundless amount of terms and definitions to memorize or color coded illustrations presented on an overhead projector that are meaningless. ...read more.


Though their bodies were unresponsive to the point where the only thing that separated them from inanimate objects was their capacity to breathe and other life sustaining functions, their minds were still present albeit lacking in many functions I and other healthy people can do. Near the end of Lorenzo?s Oil, we see that Lorenzo actually did not want to hear the story his mother was reading to him. Though he couldn?t communicate it properly, Lorenzo was capable of not liking something. He was capable of regarding something. Thus, what moves me is the fact that these characters cannot be labeled as ?vegetables? as I used to see them but still human beings who still functioned cognitively. Thus, I realized that there certainly is a power of the spirit that cannot be denied. This was the power seen in how the characters in these movies maintained a degree of their consciousness despite their afflictions. This power was also seen in the loved ones of these characters who were born and sustained normal and healthy lives. Dr. Sayer, Leonard?s mother, the nurses in the New York hospital, and Lorenzo?s parents went above and beyond their job descriptions as doctors, parents, and nurses in trying to give ...read more.


I lost my grandfather, aunt, and a friend when I was in grade 6 and 7, and I often wished I could be with them again, at least one more time. I don?t know what I would do if I was able to share the same experience as Leonard?s mother, but I imagine I would be very happy. To see him become catatonic once again was so painful because it was like losing a loved one a second time. This is possibly even more painful than losing a loved one the first time, because one has to go through the cycle loss once again which is more than should be. The presence of people in my life are like chapters, and chapters are supposed to end only once. Losing them more than once might be too much for me to handle. This just goes to show that some miracles cannot be realized. If they did, nature would be flexible. If nature were flexible, nothing would be stable or constant. Life would be utter chaos. Watching these two movies was interesting because the lessons I learned in Physiological Psychology class were concretized in my eyes. It also taught me a lot about life and the power of love and spirit in making the impossible almost possible. ...read more.

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