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My TV show is called 'trapped teens' I chose this particular title because the show is about teenagers who are trapped in a house.

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My TV show is called 'trapped teens' I chose this particular title because the show is about teenagers who are trapped in a house. In the first of my opening credits it shows the word 'previously' on the screen for 1 second. The colours on this shot which is a big close-up are black orange and yellow. I choose these because they represent different moods. In the next 3 credits it will show what happened previously in case any of the viewers missed it. These obviously would not be here on the first episode. After these shots there is a logo spinning this represents the beginning of a totally new episode. The logo is the letter 'T' connected to another letter 'T'. It has several different colours in it I decided to do this to represent the contestant's different moods. In screen shot 6 there are all the contestants walking up some steps into a door. ...read more.


In screen shot 8 again all the contestants standing in a line it also has jail bars fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. The reason for me doing this is simply because this represents the teenagers being trapped. I also chose it because it shows there is no easy way for the teenagers to escape. There is one possible way and that is the way they came in but they would be unable to break through the steel door. Again the background in this shot is blue and the contestants are all dressed to stand out. The bars on the shot are black so the colour can be separated from the backdrop and the contestant's clothes. This camera shot I used in this particular shot was a medium shot I chose this so the viewers can see everything that is happening. ...read more.


The voiceover would then say something every time something interesting happened, or if the want to get a message across to one or more of the contestants. For example if the wanted a contestant in the talk room. This show will also have presenters. These will interview the contestants after they have being evicted. For this job I have decided to use 'Ant and Dec'. I chose these because again everybody knows who they are and they will bring comedy to the show. Another reason for picking them is because they are award-winning presenters. Overall I personally believe my programme will be successful in targeting my audience ranged between 13 and 18 years old because there is a chance that they could star in the show, and win the star prize of �5000 and a reasonable dream coming true. I also believe it will be successful because shows similar to this have already been screened on TV and have being successful. ...read more.

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