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Narrative composition and content

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Narrative, Content & Compostion In this essay I will talk about the narration, composition and the content of the newspapers which are published today. These three points are taken very seriously as they play the most important role in the success and failure of the newspapers which are published. I chose a broadsheet newspaper to analyse first as it has the articles in more proffesional order, its contents are trustworthy and there's a bigger audience for it. * Narration of the newspapers - on the frontpage of the broadsheet newspapers you would find the biggest news, something which would shock the viewers and convince them to read the newspaper. As it will be on the National News page it has to be a big news, it could be about politics, disasters in businesses or terrorist attacks anything which will grab the attention and it could be happening nationally. It would be popular and affect the people globally. ...read more.


The tabloid newspapers make the news in a more intersting form with more pictures. Many people buy it to catch up with the news going around the world, as tabloids are more picture based the workers read it during their lunchtimes as a timepass and entertainment. Many readers think its really pointless It Seems that the owners of these papers care about doing is putting celebrity news as the major top stories. They have made celebrity news more important than the War on terror more important than global warming more important than the major problems this country & this world is facing. It's not a real paper anymore it's nothing more than a tabloid celebrity newspaper. Why changes were needed to be made to some of the newspaper content The contents in the newspapers we find today are completely different from what they were like when they first came out they actually needed to change for the better. ...read more.


As there are more issues to discuss in the media now and the way aspects are portrayed are a lot more controversial ways to attract the readers or viewers like the page three women who are completely exposed and revealing everything to get the men viewers and the Madeleine McCann case and how the newspapers were allowed to write bias viewpoints about the situation and not jus this there are many others, tabloids are more open about their opinion but broadsheets are not so open and obvious. Even technologyy was to be blamed for the changes not to be happening in the early years as the technology wasn't as good back then the print outs and the quality of it wasn't that good either so they couldn't made it more attractive and colourful but now we can do everything so there are more changes and the newspapers look a lot better too. So this shows that the changes in the contents were quite essential to the newspapers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gokul.B App. Media - Mrs. Reynolds ...read more.

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