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nature of magazines

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A report into the nature of magazines programmes for this morning Brief introduction Magazine programmes are basically programmes that discuss - -gossip -celebrities chat show -special cook show downs -fashion gossip There main purpose of these is to entertain audiences and fill then in with the latest gossip. One famous magazine programmes is listed below * Pebble Mill at One was a British afternoon talk show broadcast on BBC1 from the Pebble Mill studios of BBC Birmingham. It ran from 1973 to 1986 A television program that presents a variety of topics, usually on current events, in a format that often includes interviews and commentary. The programme aired on ITV 1 Ofcom keep their eye on all these types of programmes. ...read more.


The news is in the middle of the programme about 10.50 which is around about the same time that they also show the weather. News headlines are at 11.50 Viewing audience The viewing audience would be adults of any class as the programme is shown while children are at school. The more likely people that I think that would watch this programme are house wives and non working people. I think this because as it is only shown in the mornings this is when most people are at work. Uneducated people are the most likely type of people to watch this programmes they tend to be the ones without jobs however some higher class people may watch it too and a lot of elderly people (mostly retired ones) ...read more.


The programme basically showed -A chat show with a celebrity -a cook off The show showed people in different locations at times this person may have been place in a green room where the camera would be sent their then sent back to the studio to make sure the person is on time and actually there. The topics are extremely topical they tend to have celebrity chat shows they also show a bit of news and health concerns showing people out on location doing different types of stuff out in the public this is to make the show seem more real and less serious and it may be there to make the show more interesting as if it was on the two presenters throughout the show this would seem very boring. ?? ?? ?? ?? Samera khan Magazine report ...read more.

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