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news report

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THE blind date "marriage" of two strangers who met at the altar is all over. After a lavish wedding in front of hundreds of guests they had never met and a honeymoon in Paris, Glenn Emerton, aged 24, and Leif Bunyan, 22, pocketed a $50,000 (�25,000).They separated after two months... It looks like after their honeymoon, Glenn and Leif concluded that this marriage will never work. Here's the schedule of their honeymoon voyage, and you'll find the t of the failure of their marriage. o DAY 1: first, their honeymoon started with the flight to Paris for a week-long holyday. After, they arrived to Paris, within an hour, Glenn and Leif could see some of the wonderful sights of Paris from the limo that was driving them to the hotel. ...read more.


o DAY 3: for a couple of hours, it looked like they forgot what happened in the last day. Glenn apologized for his behavior and went with Leif to malls for shopping. Everything was great that day, till dinner. He wanted to invite her to restaurant, but she said she was fed up with French food and wanted a hamburger. This made things worse, and soon after that, they had dinner separately. o DAY 4: She figured out she was pretty impolite, and wanted to make Glenn a beautiful surprise as soon as he arrives at the hotel room and bought two tickets to the opera. She was dressed very elegant from head to toes, and wanted to see what his' opinion is. ...read more.


They flew home on the same plane, separated seats. Next day, they had an interview at airport on arrival to Sidney; Trying to hush up what happened in that horrible week, Leif simply told reporters: "We had a wonderful time even though it rained all the time we were there". But now the couple who married in September are "just good friends" and Leif has moved back in with her parents. The couple, who shared a honeymoon suite, would never say if the marriage was consummated. They were also never legally married, either. Picking a bride at such short notice meant it was impossible to get a license so the couple went through a ceremony of commitment, with a promise to marry later. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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