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No Robots Click: a screenplay Fade up on: 1. Ext. London. Day Wide establishing shot of London in a distopian civilisation

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No Robot's Click: a screenplay Fade up on: 1. Ext. London. Day Wide establishing shot of London in a distopian civilisation. There is no sun in the sky.The robots have turned the once cultered London into a place full of concrete buildings with dank and dingy rooms. The streets are full of litter being picked at by vermin. Tracking close up shot of about 6 different people, three girls and three boys are all gathered around an object which the viewer can't see. Camera cuts to point of view shot looking over a person's shoulder at a bundle lying on the street. The group are debating on what to do with it, the of the girls suggests leaving It there, another suggests killing it, it seems no one wants anything to do with this baby as they all look at it with disgust, the bundle makes a cry and someone goes to pick it up. As the baby rises something falls to the floor, one of the girls goes to pick it up, it's a note that looks like it was written in a hurry, words are scrabbled and it has tear stains all over it, it was meant to be around the baby's neck. The girl places it over the baby's neck. Person: "If we leave it here no one will know what it's capable of." Puts the baby back down, kisses it and walks away. Cut to group of people surrounding the camera as if it's the baby. Several of them start speaking at the same time. "Cry little sister" by billy idol starts playing as they all realise what they have to do. Slowly they all start walking backwards away from the baby. One person remains as she sits there holding the baby in her arms,as "cry little sister" fades into the background she starts to sing a lullaby: Girl: " Lullaby and good night Rest your head and sleep tight Close your eyes start to yawn Pleasant dreams until the dawn Cross-dissolve to: 2.Int. ...read more.


Head Office Meeting Room. Late evening. Advanced robots sitting round a conference table. Focus on two robots sitting next to each other. Head robot: "I think you could both bring Something new to this company, I hope I have Made the right decision promoting you to Deputy heads of the department." Slow close up shot of the couple trying hard to smile but it's a bit strained they have no idea how to show emotion to each other, through out the meeting we continue to see them struggling like this. Pulling back to a medium shot we see a human standing at the corner of the room holding a tray of food, on this tray of food are biscuits, orange juice and tea. The robots think that's what's meant to be there even though they don't eat or drink. The meeting ends and we see a human dressed in blue dusting the conference table with a feather duster, the look on his face is one of distress as he has been working since 5 am. As he continues to clean he starts humming "heroes" by David Bowie to liven his mood, this perplexes the robots and they shut the lights on the boy. - Now in black out- Caption- In the midst of 2050's The government invented a new form Of robot that soon became so intelligent They took over the lives of all the Humans living in London. By Doing this they also had a new Sense of power, which gave Them control over the whole city Most of the humans fled, but some Stayed forming a new world under London City, working for the robots To live. Ext. London. Early evening Rush Hour. Fade out of black out to reveal the same two robots walking down a street arguing. Male robot: "We ARE having a roast dinner tonight Whether you like it or not" Female robot: "No, we can't just decide we are Having a roast dinner at such short notice, You can have roast dinner next weekend" Male robot: Look just shut up would you? ...read more.


You Stupid cow, you don't know what your talking About, just buy the meat and do as I say Jeez!" Focus on hoards of robots walking past a bundle on the side of the street ignoring its cries. Cue the couple approaching and looking at the baby. Robot 1: "What's that baby doing above ground?" Robot 2; " It must have lost its parent should we report it to the Robot police?" As the robot thinks what would be best. The female robot picks the baby up and notices the message wrapped round its neck. She reads the note it says: "My dear child its hard for me to put Into words how sorry I am that it's Come to this. I didn't know what to Do, I'm hoping that some day you will Understand and forgive me, I love You very much" The robot puts the note away and gazes at the baby for a few seconds as it smiles up at her with drool running down its mouth. The robot's mouth starts to slowly change into a full-blown smile and it's quite clear from her expression that she has changed her view on this little child. Int. Robots Home. Night. Close up on female robot tucking the baby into a sock draw and kissing it goodnight. Cut to male robot downstairs "acting" human and watching television yelling at the wife to bring him his dinner whilst watching a car advert. TV: "Round, round, round, I get around, I get around woo!! I Get around!" Close in on TV screen being switched off. Cut to: Int. Bedroom. Night. Both robots asleep with baby next to them in sock draw. Tracking shot up to the stars in the sky, a shooting star flies across the screen then the baby starts crying bringing us back into the real world. Cut to female robot tossing and turning... ...read more.

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