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Oasis - Mad for it!!!

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Dean Edmunds As English coursework 1 MAD FOR IT!!! Oasis-Sunday 17th July 2000. After a long wait following the set of the Happy Mondays, the 70,000 strong crowd eagerly await the arrival of their heroes. Football style chants of "Oasis, Oasis" fill the stadium, and a great cheer goes up as a recording of the instrumental f***** in the bushes, from latest release Sosg indicates the wait will soon be ended. As the crowd bounce around a giant sized Wonderball, images and lyrics dazzle us upon the large screens at the rear of the stage. Make no mistake, oasis are back and once again they're here to make history. As the last notes of F***** in the bushes fades out, the band appear led by the younger of the Gallagher brothers Liam, who proudly raises his arms to acknowledge the roar of the crowd. Then in true Gallagher style he swaggers over to the mike to proclaim that "Wembley is a s***hole" and "it's about time they knocked it down" A ...read more.


The song is definitely one Oasis manage to pull off well live; the fanatical Wembley crowd helps Noel's vocals, perhaps a little weak on this occasion. Magic. Next a song unusual to the Oasis live set is "step out" fronted by Noel it gives Liam the chance for a break. He takes a seat at the back of the stage, casting his eyes upon the crowd. Although only the B-side to "Don't look back in anger", "Step out", like many other Oasis b-sides is a great song. Noel sings it like any other Oasis hit. Liam returns "This ones for all the potheads," a reference possibly to his new clean lifestyle as a father. "Gas panic" is one of those songs that sits awkwardly on the not so well received Sosg. A more personal song of Noel's many think its not what Oasis are really about; however live as with the other new tunes it does Noel justice as a song writer. ...read more.


Classics "Don't look back in anger" and "Live forever" follow as the gig enters its closing stages. The latter proves to be the best song of the night. The reality is we could be here all night such, is the number of modern day classics Noel has given us. "Thank you, goodnight," says Liam, but we know we've got a few more left to come. Neil Young's "Hey hey, my my" is probably a song most here tonight would be too young to know. "I am the walrus" would have probably gone down better. Despite that it's been a memorable night and it's not over yet. "Champagne supernova" a song that should have been a single is truly the band at there best "Where were you while we were getting high" sings Liam. The answer is "Were here, right now" But it's all got to end somewhere and what a way to do so "Rock and roll star" "Everyone of you" declares Noel and Oasis make you believe it! Purpose: To entertain Audience: Readers of NME magazine, Oasis fans. Word count: 1029 1 ...read more.

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