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Online shopping.

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Online shopping [image002.jpg] Author : Joscelin Ahmed Data : October 2002 Assignment Title : Investigative Report Unit Title : Language and communication Table of contents Introduction: - For this assignment I have decided to research online shopping and the way it has been introduced into every day living. Online shopping has recently been on the increase due to the advance in technology and the cheapness and availability of computers have become in the last few years. For whatever reason it is certainly a highly used service and will always increase, as the Internet is becoming a bigger part in everyday living. The aspects of Internet shopping I am going to research are: - * What are the best shops to buy from and why. * How easy it is to buy online. * Prices of products compared to high street prices. * How secure it is to shop online. I will get my research from producing and handing out 30 questionnaires, reading books about the Internet and from the Internet itself. Research: - A questionnaire was carried out as an initial step to gather information on the habits of people's usage to online shopping. Questionnaires were handed out to people that do or have at one point used the Internet to do online shopping. ...read more.


The games I have decided to research are as follows: - � Grand Theft Auto: Vice City � Fifa Football 2003 � The Lord Of The Rings: The Twin Towers I decided to research these games because they are the latest out and are all expected to top the PS2 charts. Because of this it is very unlikely that high street shops would have put them in a sale, which if they did would affect my results. Below I have created 3 tables to show the prices of buying online, buying on the high street and the price differences of them both: - Fifa football 2003 Site Price Shop Price Amazon.co.uk �34.99 WH Smith �39.99 Play.com �34.99 Woolworths �39.99 Reserve.co.uk �38.99 Game �38.99 Gameplay �36.99 Dixon's �44.99 Gamestation �37.99 Comet �39.99 Table 1 - Fifa Football 2003 price comparisons The table above shows the comparisons in prices for Fifa football 2003. On the left are the web sites I visited and the prices they are selling the game at and on the right are the high street shops I visited and the prices they are selling the game at. The following two tables are the results I got when I compared the prices of two other games. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Site Price Shop Price Amazon.co.uk �37.99 WH Smith �39.99 Play.com �34.99 Woolworths �38.99 Reserve.co.uk ...read more.


You know when you are under a secure page when you can see the lock symbol at the bottom of your web browser. Below is a picture of what you should be able to see: - [image041.gif] [image042.gif] The lock to show you are on a secured page History of online shopping and where it is going: - The word wide web first properly hit off in 1991 and by the following year the first e-commerce site was established. At this point there were as little as 1,000,000 hosts using the Internet, and these were only the very well off part of the population. Internet shopping didn't really properly take off till 1996 when then was approximately 40 million people connected to the Internet and more than �1billion pounds a year changing hands on internet shopping sites world wide, and only 1.5 million of this was from Europe. The main stake in this �1billion revenue came from the USA, and still to this current day 87% of all business to customer revenue is from the USA. This is because most online shopping sites were established in the USA. Site such as Amazon (founded by Jeff Bezos) was American before it was brought to Europe in an attempt to expand. From this time to the present year things have hugely increased. The chart below shows the increase in Evaluation: - Appendix A - ...read more.

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