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Out of control - Comparison between the first two opening scenes

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Out of control Comparison between the first two opening scenes The opening sequence for OUT OF 'CONTROL' was a very strong piece of film work, it had a lot of shots that were mainly very fast, this was due to the fact that this was an action packed scene which had to be shown fast and made to look real. The colours very dull and diffused, this was used to mainly emphasise the world through Sam & Dan's eyes and also give us a sense of feeling of the atmosphere surrounding them. This scene was shot in a subway and was really grubby and to the point- which was clear that these kids were troublesome. ...read more.


This gave us much better feeling of comfort, love and family whereas scene 1 gave the impression of hatred, violence and anger. The music in both scenes were very different, they almost repelled. In the first scene the music was very tense, almost like a heartbeat getting louder & louder as in difference to the second scene the music started of joyfully almost and kept at the line e.g. it was one tempo and volume. This was much more of a secure and comfortable feeling not only to the characters in a non-diagetic way but also to the audience. The first scene, second scene, the whole film- is shot in a documentary type of style to show the authenticity of everyday life and to give us sense of feeling about how these characters are feeling and make us feel what they feel. ...read more.


I think after teenagers have watched this film and understood and accepted the significance of this film then they would think twice before they commit another crime. However, this film will might not put its point across to the teens that are similar to the character 'SAM', they might find him a kind of role model because he stood up for himself in prison, he is tough and so on. The majority of people, after watching 'out of control' should have realized and pictured the consequences of committing crime- especially street crime. According to 'the guardian' (newspaper), several ex- prisoners were deeply moved by this plot and said it was mostly accurate in what happened in prisons including bullying that lead to suicides. DIRECTOR: Dominic Savage Tahir.A.Chaudhry, A-level MEDIA, Anton, out of control (BBC)- essay 1, copyright (c) 2002 ...read more.

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