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Outline the different strategies used by record companies to market and promote their stars to audiences. Record companies have used many different strategies throughout time to promote

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Outline the different strategies used by record companies to market and promote their stars to audiences. Record companies have used many different strategies throughout time to promote and market their stars, with more opportunities as technology and times have changed. This includes promotion from Jukeboxes playing 'Soundies' in the 1940s to the introduction of MTV in the 1980s, and with the increased amount of merchandising available as well as the abuse of censorship rules to create media hype. An artists image can really help to market their singles, and has been important since the 1950s. The image and fashion connected with the rock and roll was as important as the music. In the early 1970s the popularity of glam rock saw artists such as Gary Glitter and David Bowie, who all had a very strong visual image. Record companies and the artists would use this to create an unique selling point for themselves, which would make them stand out against other artists, and so be better remembered. ...read more.


With the introduction of TV shows introducing new bands to the music scene such as 'Pop Idol' and 'X factor' their has been an influx of packaged bands. They are mainly targeted at the younger audience. It is a great way for record producers to promote their new artists through popular TV shows, and often the winners will receive number one with their new singles. For instance the winner of X factor in 2004 was Steve Brookstein, who went straight to the top of the charts with his first single 'Against all odds'. Similarly, in 2002, the winners of 'Pop Stars; the rivals', Girls Aloud, became Christmas number one with their first single 'The sound of the underground'. Censorship rules have been around since the 1950s. When Elvis Presley performed on the Ed Sullivan show, he was only filmed from his waist upwards due to the sexual connotations of his hip movements. ...read more.


The timing of marketing campaigns is also essential to the artist's success. The release date will be timed especially, so as to get as much media attention as possible. Often record companies will release the singles at the same time as a rival artist, such as Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell, or release them in time to fight for the Christmas number one. As time moves on the strategies used, by record companies, have to adapt to the latest resources and keep up with the modern methods. For instance if Smash Hits started to drastically decrease its circulation, then record companies must notice this and perhaps change where they advertise. With the development of the internet, single sales have begun to drop because people are just able to download songs for an amount of money, or in some cases illegally. Also, with the better equipped mobile phones people can now download their favourite artists on tour, so the sales of some tours have drastically fallen. Record companies have to recognise this and alter their strategies accordingly. ?? ?? ?? ?? Martine Welby 13JH ...read more.

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