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Over the last couple of weeks I have been studying Tabloids and Broadsheets. I have been looking at The Sun and The Guardian.

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Tabloids and Broadsheets Over the last couple of weeks I have been studying Tabloids and Broadsheets. I have been looking at The Sun and The Guardian. I've been looking at the language used in both papers but in each case they are totally different also Tabloids and Broadsheets tend to use different types of stories. I'm now going to compare both of the papers. The Sun's headlines are completely different to the headlines that are used in The Guardian. Headlines that are featured in The Sun seem to be celebrity based, where as the headlines in The Guardian seem to be based around conflict which is happening all around the world. I've noticed the headlines that are used in The Sun seem to be sexy and funny. The Sun seems to base the stories on pointless things like who celebrities are dating and what's going on with the celebrities sex lives. ...read more.


The Sun does use big news stories but they don't really go into depth unless it is a really unmissable event such as the threatened Gulf war. The Sun would be over the moon with a story like this. However in The Guardian would go into depth and they would also take particular views on politics and the interest of human issues. Both papers have completely different front pages The Sun's is "Kegan Kops It" this a three word headline and it's also a sport and celebrity related. The Guardian's front-page headline is "Blair pressed to back final deadline for war." It is a eight-line headline and it is also about a serious issue. From both of my examples you can see that both of the papers have different attitudes to news. Celebrity stories in The Sun are big, bold and black but in The Guardian they are dark and dull. ...read more.


I feel The Sun and The Guardian both try to attract the readers attention with the headlines on the front page but The Sun does a better job of this as the headline is bright and bold and it hits you right in the face. I've looked through both of the papers to see what they advertise. The Sun advertises sport shops, mobile phones, loans, DVDs etc. Where as The Guardian advertises cars, computers etc. From this I can see that both of the papers are targeting different types of people with different interests. The Sun's adverts could interest most people but The Guardians adverts, I feel are aimed at specific people with certain interests and income. From all this information I can see the both papers are targeting different audiences. I feel that The Sun is targeting younger people who have interests in celebrities lives. I feel that The Sun is varied as it could interest a lot of different people. I feel that The Guardian is aimed at older and mature people who are interested in news from all around the world. ...read more.

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