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Ownership of Media Companies - Disney, the BBC and The Bath Chronicle

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´╗┐Ownership ?We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective.? Michael Eisner, CEO, The Walt Disney Co Ownership in the media By Melissa Pope Ownership Disney ownership Disney Disney?s a pubic company and is also a conglomerate it has a net income of around $4.555 billion and has share?s of 1.856 billion. As Disney is publicly owned it means that their disadvantage is that they have to follow many people or a charter like the BBC. They also have an disadvantage with limited liability as they are personal labially. Public companies also means they have another disadvantage as they have higher costs for the government which means they have higher taxes. Mainly they do have to share financial documents with the public which also means that competition does get to see there documents. Finally being a public company you dot have to ask lots of shareholders what they think. ...read more.


To make money is our only objective.? Disney use has very good vertical integration due to how many companies they own. Disney can make movies with their production company, advertise the films and products in their magazine, show it on their television channel. For example Beavis and Butt-Head Do America on costed $11 million to make and made a profit on $70 million, but Disney?s The Lion King made a profit of $1 billion due to them making merchandise, TV show, broadway shows. When films are made by conglomerates they generate more profit than a box office filmed would. Ownership BBC ownership BBC The BBC is neither public nor privately owned, it is a trust and is funded by license payers. On the BBC trust website it has in bold letters ?getting the best out of the BBC for license fee payers?. This means that the BBC has a charter which tells the BBC the do?s and don?ts. The charter tells the BBC that the content on the BBC must be informative, educational, entertaining and the BBC should ?Bring the UK to the world and the world to the UK?. ...read more.


Ownership Bath Chronicle The Bath chronicle The Bath chronicle is a public company which means that it has the same advantages and disadvantages of Disney. However as Disney is much bigger, this means the rules are probably less important but still are still used. The newspaper which began in 1760 is now owned by Northcliff media. As the chronicle is a newspaper it must write about things in Bath but it can mention some major things outside Bath but most of the stories are based around local area. So I suppose this must be an advantage as they still have some freewill. I suppose that Northcliff media has Horizontal integration as they buy all different newspapers. The advantage of this can be that they can share the costs of production and management, the production can be done in bulk but may be a bit harder then a TV station or other media sector, as local papers may be made locally and have different content and deadlines and profits could be more. On the other hand disadvantages could include individuality being lost, no competitors left like a monopoly when there?s a lack of competition. Ownership Report ...read more.

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