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Pans Labyrinth: Real or Fantasy? There is no question in my mind that Ofelias imaginative world is very real for her. The first appearance of the faun lets her cope with her loneliness and fear of the unknown

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Pan's Labyrinth: Real or Fantasy? It has been well documented that children in order to cope with surrounding miseries and hardships often create make believe worlds, where they can somehow retreat and learn to cope with the events that may be affecting their lives. Such seems to be the case for the primary character in "Pan's Labyrinth", named Ofelia. Ofelia is a beautiful loving child that has known many horrors in her short life. Her life is set amidst a war, where her life has been turned upside down by the passing of her loving father, her mother's remarriage to a monster of a man and by the pregnancy that has gotten her beloved mother sick. Being taken from the city, where she has lived, and brought into the forest and country living fuels in her the necessity to believe the unbelievable and to create an alternate world when she stumbles upon an abandoned labyrinth, where she escapes to have some much needed control in her life. There is no question in my mind that Ofelia's imaginative world is very real for her. The first appearance of the faun lets her cope with her loneliness and fear of the unknown, creating the fabulous story of the long lost princess that is loved and awaited by her father throughout the years. ...read more.


He gives her some fairies to help her as guides, a piece of chalk to draw a door, a sand watch and a strict warning not to eat nor drink anything, no matter how tempted she is and to accomplish the task before the sand watch passes the last grain of sand. Ofelia goes off to complete her second task, where she encounters a pale man that eats little kids. He is sitting calmly as if in a trance at the end of a long, long table filled with scrumptious and tempting food. She finds the place where to insert the golden key and retrieves a dagger. But as she is going back, she falls prey to the temptations of the table and eats two grapes. The pale man is awakened and goes after her. She starts running to go back, but just as she is about to reach the door it closes. She is left to think on her feet or perish by the hand of the pale man. She draws another door and narrowly escapes the pale man. When she encounters the faun again, he is very angered by her inability to accomplish the task heading the warnings she was given. ...read more.


She drugs the step-father and takes her baby brother to the labyrinth. The faun tells her she must hand over the baby to him so that the blood of an innocent can flow through the entrance of the portal and thus open it. She refuses to hand over the baby. At that precise moment the step-father catches up to her, takes the baby and shoots Ofelia. As Ofelia is left there dying, some of the blood falls into the portal and opens it in her reality. She discovers her mother and father there. As she lays there drawing her last breaths the servant woman holds her and rocks her, making her feel safe. In the alternate reality her father explains that in her need to preserve innocence, and refusing to hand over the baby, she had passed the last task. She is able to pass to her fairytale world with her deceased parents. Good defeats evil? Yes, it definitely does. Her heroic journey is rewarded. Her rebellion pays off. She gets what she wanted, which is to be with her parents, and evil is exterminated by the ultimate death of the step-father. Fantasy served the purpose in this little girls' life. It helped cope with the ugliness of the life that she was forced to live, and give her some form of comfort for what she was made to endure. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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