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Parenting Article Comparison: 'Putting Fathers in the Frame' and 'Dads Army'

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Thomas Sutton 06/02/2003 Parenting Article Comparison: 'Putting Fathers in the Frame' and 'Dads Army' The following shall compare to articles about the 'new age' father. A 'new age' father is one that does most work looking after the child of the family. Dad's Army is an article from a popular magazine written by Damon Syson that shows evidence of these 'new age' fathers and his view that all 'new age' fathers should " put down the papoose". The other an article called 'Putting Fathers in the Frame' by Elizabeth Grice from 'The Daily Telegraph', that tells us there is no such thing as the 'new age' father and tells us that there should be more of them. The essay shall find similarities and differences between the two articles considering several factors: layout, language, and any other relevant comparisons. Firstly we can consider the layout of both articles. ...read more.


There is also one more difference within the structure and form of the articles. 'Putting Fathers in the Frame' uses hyphens to create a perfect column where the magazine article doesn't, a word is too big it leads on the next line. The two articles do not only contain differences, they do contain a number of similarities. The paragraph length varies in both articles however they do seem around the same length. Both articles have the use of italics, capital lettering, and rhetorical questioning. The language of the two articles are very different, 'Putting Fathers in the Frame' puts down the average father almost telling us that the 'new age' father no longer exists and promotes the idea. This is different to 'Dads Army' that puts down the idea of 'new age' fathering, and tells fathers to act normally. This conflict of belief allows brutal language for 'new age' fathers and supportive to normal dads in 'Dads Army' and vice versa for 'Putting Fathers in ...read more.


'Putting Fathers in the Frame' on the other hand puts down the 'average' father: "The slobs are back" and "appalling self-assessment...for it seems his type spends less than five minutes..with his child" So with both articles having different viewpoints and opinions we get different language for the two groups. The two articles content varies too. As the newspaper article is written by a woman, it is difficult for her to make a necessary judgement on the issue of 'new age' fatherhood, so relies on a number of statistics to back up her point, and uses the views of an expert Mr Parsons, executive director of Care for the Family, a family charity. This can be compared with the magazine article 'Dads Army' in which the main bulk of the article is in fact the writer's view, and uses a regular father. Overall the two articles have very conflicting views of the so-called 'new age' father and so have very different true content. So the varying views conflict yet share the same topic- fatherhood. ...read more.

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