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Perception and Deception, the Downfall of It All

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Perception and Deception, the Downfall of It All Our perspective, in other words the interpretation of what we see, is unique to every one of us. We all see the same thing, but we think and analyze it differently. One may say it's green, the other says it's black; the conclusion was probably made due to one or the other being colorblind. Our senses, without a doubt, limit our exploration of the physical world but cannot constrict it on a psychological and emotional plane. The interpretation of, for example, a movie may be brought on by previous experience or interactions. Say a fairly-well trusted movie critic gave the movie "two thumbs down", so if one goes sees the movie, it isn't surprising to find the movie relatively tolerable due to the movie meeting his/her low expectations for it. Whether we mean to or not, everything that happens influences our way of viewing and therefore our future actions and future happiness. ...read more.


The other extremity of human behavior can be depicted through Hsiang's character. He did want a family, something to show to the world of what he had worked so hard for. However, the difference between Hsiang and Hu Niu was that Hsiang wanted to earn it, willing to work for it. Deception didn't cross Hsiang Tzu's mind, but if it did, he would have refuted it. Even if in a slump, he would hang on to his last bit of hope and worked even harder without ever wasting a needless penny. Lao She makes Hsiang Tzu a character living in his own world; that is his downfall. Although rickshaw-pulling is somewhat honorable, is his dream of achieving a perfect family life just a fantasy? Instead of looking at life as rather enjoyable, he sees it as a burden. The other rickshaw pullers tend to enjoy themselves with a shot of baigan here and a prostitute there. Everyone steps all over him and he lets them. ...read more.


Therein, he would be bitter towards everything and everyone by bending people's wallets to his will until his reputation could no longer buy him credit. It was a chain reaction: he kept digging himself deeper in his hole, he became even more irritated with life, and so deeper the hole got. The light in which we see things does not change what has happened, but may affect what will. No matter how we interpret our sense (either in a bright light or dim) it can't change the fact that it happened, but may enlighten us to decide a better, or brighter, path towards the future. If no one was around to see it, hear it, smell, taste, or feel it, does not the tree still fall? If a ball is dropped, someone above may not see anything happen, whereas someone on the ground would say it fell. There are an infinite variety of angels to view an event or hear a sound; the way you take it in and interpret will forever and continually affect you, for better or worse. Word Count: 891 ...read more.

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