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Persuasive speeches.

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Commentary In order to begin this piece of work we looked at persuasive speeches in our lessons. These speeches were from famous people, such as Hitler and Tony Blair. However, my personal inspiration came from a speech from Diana Princess Of Wales, entitled, 'Women and children with aids.' This acted as a style model for my final piece and gave me the basis for my ideas. As well as this it helped in my planning, as I could see which techniques were the most effective and how to craft the piece for maximum effect. My original idea was to write a persuasive speech about the very serious issue of poverty. However, I found it difficult to write a long enough speech to fit into the word count. ...read more.


The tone of the article is serious and reflective, however it is clear and to the point. This helps the purpose of the piece come across more clearly. The intended effect on the audience is reached as it stimulates the reader to reflect on themselves and other people, gently persuading the reader unconsciously. The structure of the article is clearly set out with a strong opening and ending. There is more descriptive language in the middle of the article as well as facts and figures used to back up statements. This makes the piece simple to read but effective at the same time. The lexis which is used is more challenging for the selected audience, 'acknowledge, desperation, judgemental.' ...read more.


Moreover, the facts and figures are used to back up statements and provide the reader with realistic, additional information. This keeps the reader interested and aware that the truth is being told. The contrasts between facts and descriptive emotive language are also successful as it breaks up the information and does not 'over load' the reader. The ways to improve the article are to use more imperatives, e.g. we must... we can.' This will help the audience become more involved and feel as though they can actually help. As well as this, more usage of metaphors, similes and other language features could be used to make the article more interesting. Personal opinions could be used to persuade the reader even more or more than one point of view could be adopted to give the reader freedom of choice. ...read more.

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