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peter kay media coursework. Do you agree that Martin Luther King was the most important factor in helping blacks gain more civil rights in the 1960's?

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How successfully does Peter Kay use comic conventions to create humour in Episode 1 Series 2 of 'Phoenix Nights'? Peter Kay's 'Phoenix nights', set in Bolton in Lancashire tells a storey revolved around the 'Phoenix club', run by Brian Potter (played by Peter Kay). This sitcom has been said to be full off 'witty dialogue, side-splitting one liners and intelligent observational humour' (review form gingaroo) but also some would say that due to the fact that after 'Phoenix nights' peter Kay moved onto 'Max and Paddies road to no where' (two characters from 'Phoenix nights'), he is not capable of sustaining a sitcom and has to move onto other things, compared to American sitcom 'Friends' which lasted ten years. By watching carefully it can be seen that Peter Kay uses a variety of comic techniques in his humour, these are: irony, satire, stereotypes, parody, trademarks, in-jokes, puns and innuendoes. So how successfully does Peter Kay use comic conventions to create humour in Episode 1 Series 2 of 'Phoenix Nights'? In this sitcom every single character is an over exaggerated stereotype of a familiar member the British public. This can be seen best in 'Ray Von', 'Den Perry', 'Les' and 'Holy Mary'. The name of the character 'Ray Von' is a pun on the outdated seventies phrase 'Rave on' which is just one of the elements about Ray Von which show he is stuck in the seventies period. ...read more.


which garlic bread, chicken kievs and scampi are his idea of, highlighting his foolishness and the way he lives, which we find funny. At the end of this episode we see the men from the club auditioning 'talented acts' to be the entertainment in the club. Auditioning is a woman in a revealing glittery outfit, which obviously appeals to the men, doing a magician act. She thinks she is doing well, but it is actually an awful act. This implies also people's stupidity and naivety, which we laugh at. Another example of characters naivety is Brian Potters political incorrectness, which he seems to think is the right way to talk about people. This is Peter Kay's use of innuendos and puns which are often linked. When the fireman explains that the fire was started by a 'disguarded fag' which Brian takes as meaning a homosexual, because of the outdated term 'fag' meaning gay, but it actually means a cigarette or cigar in this case. Brian doesn't realise what he has just said which displays his foolishness which we find amusing. Other puns include the 'Mussels fitness centre' which is in Blackpool hence the 'mussels' and also is a gym were many people go to get 'muscles', the already stated 'Ray Von' and when Les says it is 'BSE' day (bit of something extra) when 'BSE' is linked with mad cow disease, which is ironic because he is working in a butchers. ...read more.


Finally, satire is also used in the same scene but in a less obvious way. behind the receptionist there are a number of clocks with different time zones on. This is satirising posh hotels, however this aim of seeming posh is not made very well by the hotel as some clocks say other countries, one says London and another says Blackpool, however all the times are the same. We find this funny as we laugh at the poor attempts of the hotel to seem upper-class, when they really have failed and made themselves look worse off than before! Peter Kay's many different comic techniques show he has the ability to make the public laugh in more ways than one. He has also managed to establish himself as someone who is remembered by trademarks such as 'garlic bread'. Rather than the fact that Peter Kay has moved onto new things such as Max and paddy, shows not that he is incapable of sustaining 'Phoenix nights' but that he is capable of exploring and successfully using comic convention to create humour in episode 1 series 2 of 'Phoenix Nights' and bringing to life new ideas. I believe he has proved that not only can he adapt to different roles (playing two parts in 'Phoenix nights', Brian and max), being himself in comedy stand-ups, but he can successfully write scripts which the British public have come to love! ...read more.

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