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Piracy is an increasing problem.

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Arthur Kanai Economics, Period 3 Current Event Summary Piracy is an increasing problem. Every song ever made is on the net and free for download. Even movies before they're released. We all do it, we all download songs. Music industry has started to feel the heat. 15% decline in cd sales in the last two years. 6 the first, and 9 the last. 400,000- 600,000 movie swaps a day. If each movie is worth about 20 dollars, that's about 8 million - 12 million dollars a day. It's not only music, but it's movies, games, software, and television. People have started to get punished for piracy. Last month, students at Princeton, Michigan, and Rensaeler we sued by record exsecutives. ...read more.


Much of our economy is based on the entertainment industry, as well as porn. With programs such as Kazaa, we can dl any of those. The same goes for programs. Almost every computer program ever created can be found on kazaa, or software sharing web sites. The continued use of piracy can result in a catastrophic bull market. No one will need to rent movies, buy music, go to the movies, buy software, and many other things. Opinion. I myself have a grip of songs, movies, shows, and programs. I think it is a fundamental right as a human being to obtain this kind of media. The point of media is for it to be seen. ...read more.


Legally perhaps it is wrong, but morally it is as just as walking a grandma across the street. What needs to happen is the industry needs to accept the fact the downloading is here to stay and they can't help that. But what they can do is start to adapt to it. Already there are pay sites to dl music. Apple has created one that allows one to download a song for 99 cents each. It has proven to be a success. Some artists already know that mp3's are going to be the future. Dave Mattews has released strictly share tracks on the internet. Bon Jovi released a song the internet and has an intro saying, listen to this song, share it, spread it all over, I don't care. Artists themselves have media on their computer as well. ...read more.

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