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Pirate Radio Stations

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PIRATE RADIO STATIONS History of Pirate Radio There is nothing new in the idea of radio stations, which play commercials. People have been enjoying them since the 1930's or before through reception of services from the continent, in particular Radio Luxembourg. Popular entertainment and music programmes were presented in a formal but fashionable way by many of the personalities of the time. There was the pirate radio era in the mid-sixties, which finished the demand of a new generation to the joys of popular music programming presented by young people. This new style of radio was friendly and informal. At the peak of the 'pirates', 16 million people a day tuned into Radio Caroline and Radio London. ...read more.


A further advantage is that there are usually electric sockets in the lift or heating rooms on the roof. A 40-watt rig on a 15-story tower block should cover a 15 miles radius if there are no blocking objects. Attach the antenna securely, with bolts or strong tape, then attach the bottom of the wood to a pole. The cable can be bolted onto the antenna, or attached with strong car battery clips. The clips are recommended for fast dismantling and developing antennas, mark clearly which goes where. The cable should not be longer than necessary, you lose power with every extra foot, and should be good quality and well insulated. When the antenna is up securely, lead the cable back and plug or screw in to the back of your transmitter. ...read more.


There are some disadvantages to set-up your own pirate radio station, these are the main points to consider are: - * They cause interference to the broadcasts of legal radio stations depriving them of audience and the public of the ability to listen to the station of their choice. * They steal frequencies and space on the radio spectrum and their use of poor transmitting equipment makes interference a certain result of their activities. * Unauthorised use of premises as transmitter sites leads to criminal damage and theft- a burden carried by the owners or residents of the premises used. * They pay no business, council, VAT or income taxes and therefore take from, rather than contribute to the communities they claim to serve. * They disrupt the vital communications of the safety of life services, particularly air traffic control. Paramjot Jutla ...read more.

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