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Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tide Movie Review

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English Language Khushal Ashani Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tide Movie Review Jack Sparrow is back in Disney's fourth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The lively pirate finds himself once again without his beloved ship, The Black Pearl and in search of a paranormal wealth. This time it is The Fountain of Youth, but of course he is not the only one that is interested. Jack is up against his thought to be ex lover Angelica and her father the notorious Black Beard, as well as his old nemesis Captain Barossa. The film begins by throwing the audience into a complicated escape attempt, as Jack and his right hand man Gibbs played by Kevin McNally disappear from a court room only to wind up in front of the King of England. Jack's escape from the King's home is choreographed to the second, and it does give the audience the same feeling as watching an opening number in a musical. ...read more.


The opening set up is similar to the first film, with the sword fight between Jack and Angelica mirroring the original fight between Jack and Will played by Orlando Bloom. It appears that Marshall wants to insert the charm back into the series that was slightly lost in the previous two sequels. As a result, by doing this other significant aspects of the film have been neglected. The charming elements of the first Pirates film were mainly its light-hearted approach and its ability to embrace the fact it was based on a ride at a Disney theme park. Not only this, but the three significant details were well-drawn and the audience was invested in their journey. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides introduced three new characters into the mix, along with the never ending immortal Jack Sparrow. His love attention, Angelica is given the most development, but without a back story or real emotional drive to what she is doing. ...read more.


The voyage is not all bad though, in particular the sequence which sees the arrival of the mermaids is an exciting sight. Hans Zimmer's score is as wonderful as ever, and will keep you in the pirate mood long after you have watched the film, meaning overall this movie was excellent well in my perspective anyways. Some scenes which put Depp alongside the other long station members of the cast are very funny, with both sides being able to bring out the best in their characters. Although, to make the most of the experience. Overall, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is not on strange tides at all it's mostly just as the other pirates of the Caribbean, mostly about having fun, voyages and anything in between. It is another enjoyable dance around for Captain Jack Sparrow and his pirate mates, but nothing we haven't seen before. If you have been a fan of the films so far, it is bound to bring a smile to your face as it's got new plots and twists, including new casts that are just brilliant, I hope you like the movie as much as I did. ...read more.

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