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Pleasantville and The Truman Show.

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Coursework- Pleasantville and The Truman Show Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is unaware that he is watched by the whole population of the country 24/7 in a TV series The Truman Show. Truman was adopted by his network because he was unwanted by his parents. The TV audience of the show became hooked when he was still young. But now at the age of 30, he still doesn't know that his life is being controlled by the director (Christof) of the series. Pleasantville is a cheerful black and white 1950's TV sitcom. A teenager David (Tobey Maguire) is an obsessed fan to the series. The Pleasantville marathon is about to start until his sister Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) wants to watch MTV. They fight to get the remote control and then it breaks. As soon as the remote breaks, TV repairman (Don Knotts) gives them a new remote which then teleports them into Pleasantville and they become the new characters of "Bud" and "Mary Sue". ...read more.


They become the new characters of the Bud and Mary Sue whose parents are George and Betty Parker (William Macy and Joan Allen). Then they notice the innocence life of Pleasantville. When the people of Pleasantville find true happiness they become colour. They become racist and hatred when they become colour. The people in black and white are scared because they don't understand when they see "coloured people". In The Truman Show the storyline is showing a reality show, it shows the audience watching Truman Burbank being treated inhumanly by the director by controlling what he does and what he feels. The use of music to create atmosphere in Pleasantville is when Bud and Sue go to "Lovers Lane" when pink petals fall down from the trees there's romantic music while the rest of the background is still black and white. When the black and white people turn into colour there's music to reflect it. In The Truman Show the music is used by creating different types of moods and it controls and changes the emotions of the audience such as from happy to sad. ...read more.


In Pleasantville the people in the TV sitcom are a little over-emotionally and overreacted when they see coloured people. In the movie they exaggerate when a fire brigade has to save a cat from the tree and then don't know what to do when there's a fire. Some parts of the movie seemed a little slow. Not suitable for young people because of the sexual content and swearing. The way the teenagers would react to The Truman Show by most of teenagers would be interested in this kind of films because most teenagers nowadays watch TV programs such as "Big Brother" where there's hidden cameras everywhere in the room while the person being watched don't know it and not having any privacy. In Pleasantville most of the teenagers would not be interested in this film because it's some parts of the movie is in black and white and they think of it as being boring. After watching these two films I think that The Truman Show is better than Pleasantville because it teaches that you can't control somebody's life, only they can control it. Jeremias Adolfo 10 Clare ...read more.

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