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Practical production essay- thriller

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Thriller essay We were asked to create the first two minutes of a thriller film. The thriller has to be at least two minutes long and must contain tittles and credits it should also be original. It can either be certificate 18 or certificate 15. We decided to make our thriller a certificate 15. 'A thriller is something that thrills especially a sensational or suspenseful book, story, play, or movie.' To research our target audience we made questionnaires to see what sort of films they were interested in and what would their opinion was on the sound, camera shots, angles, characters and content of the first two minutes of an interesting thriller. To research our target audience further we made a blog on a website to get the views of different types of people from all around the world. We also researched other thrillers that were a certificate 15. Some of the thrillers that we researched were 'When a stranger calls,' 'Silence of the lambs' and 'Halloween.' These gave us ideas for beginnings of films and also enabled us to see what we needed to include. They also showed us what sort of music is ideal and gave us different ideas of how to present our credits. We also researched previous thrillers made by other a-level students. This allowed us to see the standard at which our thrillers needed to be and gave us ideas as to what we could include. ...read more.


To edit our thriller we used a software programme called .................................... This programme was v very good and allowed us to include different effects and sounds. There were a few things that I discovered about the camera. I discovered that we could turn the light on on the camera so that we could capture better in dark locations. We also discovered how to do a variety of camera shots using the camera. We used the camera to zoom in slowly into a close up so that you could clearly see the facial expressions of the actors. We also discovered that we cold make a character look really intimidating by using a low angle to make them look tall, big and overpowering. We also discovered that to make someone look small and weak by using a high angle to imply this. Whilst editing our thriller we discovered that we could speed up and slow down shots to make them look faster or slower. We also discovered that we could change the brightness of the shots to make them appear duller or brighter depending on what suited the shot. For example we made the shots of 'the dream' bright and the shots with the girl lying down dull so that there was a contrast between the two shots. We also discovered that we could merge together two shots so that they overlapped so that the shots weren't jumping from one to the other. ...read more.


They all thought that the thriller was good but also gave us tips on how to improve it. Our teacher told us to include a little bit of dialogue and talking as there wasn't enough dialogue. Our friends gave us tips on making some scenes brighter and what we should've included. They told us to make the freeze shots in negative as this would make it scarier, we tried this and liked the idea so stuck to it. I think that our film would attract our target audience. I think the scene where the girl is running away screaming and there is a voice overt the top saying 'there coming' would attract the audience. I think this as it gives the scene a supernatural feel and is quite scary. I also think that the pan shot over the office worktop would attract the audience as it is very mysterious and creepy and from my research I found that this is what hey would like. I think hat the shot where the girl and mother are playing might put the audience off as it isn't very scary or particularly exciting but we needed to include it as it links with the rest of our film. I think that our film would fit into the market place. I think it would as we have tried to include most of the things that make a thriller. We have included a cliffhanger, drama, suspense and mystery. So I think that t would fit into a market place. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shezaa Chaudry ...read more.

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