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Princess Mononoke review

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Princess Mononoke Princess Mononoke (original title: Mononoke-hime ) was produced and released in Japan in 1997 and was released in Canada in November 1999. This ecology-themed epic was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki the famous Japanese film director, animator, manga artist and screenwriter. It is in Animation / Adventure / Fantasy genre and the voce casts include Yôji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida and Yûko Tanaka. Princess Mononoke shows a mystical battle between Animal Gods of the forest and humans. The story happens in an Emishi village during Japan's Muromachi Period in the 14th century. The young Ashitaka gets cursed by fatal infection after a demonic wild boar attacks him in the village. He then travels to west to find the deer-like god Shishigami to get cured. Along his way, he sees the battle between the animal inhabitants of the forest and an iron mining town that is exploiting and killing the forest. The constant aggressiveness by the village has brought the rage of the Wolf God, Moro, who attacks the village along with San, a human who was raised by the wolf god. ...read more.


Nevertheless, Miyazaki has truly created an amazing work in Princess Mononoke. Multiple conflicts thrive with humans against humans, humans against nature, and even nature against itself. These conflicts are such that they are incorporated into an astonishing deep and satisfying plot. It is very inspirational to see a movie that is capable of such story-telling without leading to old clichés and frustrating repetition of the same old stories. Lady Eboshi is portrayed as a bit of a radical, not in terms of changing an existing order but in sense of humanistic point of view. She represents the improvement of technology in trying to advance human settlement and production, yet the social aspects of her character, in times make even audiences who support "nature" to sympathize with her. Ashitaka, who is one of the few living young men of Emishi people, is to be the leader of his people. He has the nobleness of Royal blood and great skills as a hunter. ...read more.


When viewed from a simplistic perspective, Princess Mononoke is a perfectly legitimate, well-represented movie. It is a wonderful anime work. It explores themes and concepts that leave the audience wondering about it. The plot is engaging and entertaining. It nicely shows how humans interact with the environment, and how they need to preserve and protect their land by working together. It has a great ending, and is overall very pleasurable to watch. The characters are well developed and realistic. However, the story has some fundamental elements that enhance and reflect upon Japanese culture which may be unfamiliar for the Western audience. Its only problems, in my opinion, come from the personal views of the producer. The movie presents its concepts in a judgmental or biased matter. The stream of a story should be neutral, so that the audience may judge content for themselves but it is the case in some instances in Princess Mononoke. Over all, I found this movie very entreating, enjoyable, and more importantly informative and an eye-opener to environmental problems that threaten our world. ...read more.

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