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Problematic Internet Use: A Fast Growing Problem in Our Society.

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PIU 1 Running head: PIU Problematic Internet Use: A Fast Growing Problem in Our Society PIU 2 Abstract Growing technology introduces us not only to opportunities, but also negative effects. Media expansion and the creation of the Internet presented a new problem: Pathological Internet Use. Regardless of the clear symptoms, the Internet addicts, as any other addicts, deny dependence upon computer use. Although this phenomenon is not completely analyzed, it is clear that his problem is a fast growing in our society and it's psychological, physical, and social impact can be widely observed. There is no standard treatment yet, but the possible treatments for people having PIU are cognitive-behavioral therapy, a 12-step addiction program, or expressive arts therapy. As computer technology progresses, the most important question is: will computers serve us or be our masters? PIU 3 Problematic Internet Use: A Fast Growing Problem in Our Society We live in significant times. Our mankind can be proud of itself for achievements in microbiology and space explorations; but of all of man's achievements, the greatest are made in technology. Emmanuel Mesthane of Harvard's former technology and society program writes: "New technology creates new opportunities for men and societies and it is also generates new problems for them. ...read more.


He says that he likes the challenge of playing strategy role-playing games against other players online, he also likes being the part of online community and PIU 6 "building the reputation". Working with other online friends towards achieving one goal, such as capturing enemy castles, can last for weeks even months. Even though Felix negates having problems with computer overuse, his wife feels totally neglected. Not only do they not have time to talk, but also they do not spend any time together outside the house. Felix states that there is no other activity or action in the whole world which can relax and entertain him more than computer games (Felix Dykhne, personal communication, June 6, 2003). People who spend an excessive amount of time in front of computer screen are likely to deprive other activities which can be necessary for their physical body development and maintenance. It also has a harmful impact on the eyes, wrists, and neck. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the U.S. Department of Labor alone have reported that 230,000 workers suffer injuries as repetitive strain injuries from overexertion or repetitive motion caused by excessive computer use (The Future of Children, 2000, p.7). ...read more.


The treatment can be declined by the addict as of in Felix's case, and nobody can force him into treatment until the subject decides to help himself and restore his life to normal. Technology has unforeseen consequences, and from the beginning it is not always clear who will win and who will lose. As computer technology progresses, are computers our servants or our masters? If more people are to become the Internet addicts, society will face not only social problems, but also economic and political problems. People will forget face-to-face communication, they will quit voting and engaging in political activities, and finally, people will stop showing up at work. The computer is a magnificent toy that distracts us from facing our own problems-spiritual emptiness, knowledge of ourselves, usable conceptions of the future and the past. Anyway, just some blame computer for this. After all, it is only a machine. (Postman, p.135). Tomorrow computers will become more powerful. Are we ready to face it? Nonetheless, people believe that we can control this power and turn it for the better. People spend tremendous amounts of money for developing computer technology, but almost no money for understanding how it affects people. As Alphonse Chapanis, a technologist from Communications Research Laboratory in Maryland, adds: "we must never forget ... that PIU 10 computers are machines and machines exist for only one purpose - to serve people!" (1983, p. 217). ...read more.

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