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Producing a Magazine.

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Supporting Account Pre - production Firstly we had to decide what kind of magazine we were going to design and make to do this we needed to find a gap in the market. We found that the main types of magazine were fashion for young teenagers, fashion for women, fashion for men, sports, gardening, computing and film. We found that none of these magazines catered for teenage boys, lower classes or people from a multicultural society. We also noticed that the magazines represented strong gender stereotypes, which the girls shown to be weak, less intelligent and only interested in make - up and housekeeping. The boys on the other hand were shown as strong, athletic, academically superior and with no emotions or softer side. Knowing this we decided to make a magazine that catered for people from a multicultural society, for all classes and showed the softer more emotional side of teenage males. The target audience for our magazine is 13 -18 year old males. The next step was to do market research, the first thing we did was look at the content of the nearest competing magazine: Name Design Colour Images Content Features Class Ethnic minority Bliss Short paragraphs, lots of pictures, lots to look at Mostly pink, bright, baby blue, yellow, peach, purple Competitions, problem pages, interview, advert, questionnaire, fashion, make - up, what boys think Celebrity interviews, friendship, fab to be a girl, ready for sex? ...read more.


There is also an advert for Subaru Impress's as a lot of boys are very interested in cars, the car itself is blue which is a typically male color, there is also orange and yellow in the advert (orange again for power). The last advert is for Nike, this advert is not aimed at either gender or any particular race it also has the slogan 'No prejudice. Just sports', the main colours in the advert are black and white as we found a lot of these colours in other male magazines and they are neutral again for either males or females. We have tried not to stereotype age, to do this we have included adult concerns in our problem page for example sex. The front cover also features a healthy good-looking young man, but he is not overly athletic or built. The main colour is blue as is many boys favorite colour, the subheadings are bright and attractive to catch the customers eye. Production diary Task 1- Front cover The first thing I did was draw and colour the model on the front cover, I found this quite challenging because I couldn't seem to make the colour bright enough so I decided to use a blend of paints, pens and pencils to get the desired effect. ...read more.


Evaluation I think our magazine has turned out very well, much better than I expected. I think the magazine looks quite professional, and is eye catching and attractive. To find out if it had achieved its purpose we took it back to the same 20 people we questioned about the magazine before we made it. The feedback we got was very positive and shows that most of our target market would buy it. We also found out that a large majority of our target audience would like the magazine a lot more if it came with free samples, especially miniature aftershave bottles. I think the continuality is very good as it runs throughout the magazine, most of the text is in comic sans, the same colour scheme runs throughout as do the page numbers. When we put our magazine together it looked really good but to make it look more professional we decided to print all the pages on photographic paper to give it a glossy look about it. I expected working in a group would be quite difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked out quite well, as three heads are better than one and we could combine all our ideas to make the magazine better. At first it was quite easy to get distracted but once we got started we worked really well together. ...read more.

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